December 2000

December 13, 2000 People of the Narmada Valley - Face to Face with the Apex Court Demanding justice and judicial accountability
December 13, 2000 Ogden Withdrawal puts Maheshwar Project into Jeopardy
NBA urges financial institutions to stop squandering public funds into this Project and stop violation of financial norms
December 11, 2000 Hundreds capture the NCA office in Indore
People affected at 90 mts not rehabilitated: NCA concedes
December 10, 2000 M.P. Officials abstain from office as no land is available with Govt.
Reality Faces the Supreme Court Order Again

November 2000

November 25, 2000 World Commission of Dams Critiques Large Dams
Narmada Andolan to initiate legal proceedings against defamatory advertisements
November 24, 2000 True Face of a Patriot - Response to an Advertisement
November 18, 2000 People return to valley with a vow to intensify the struggle; Legal Notice served to NCCL and Indian Express for defamatory advertisement; Review Petition Filed in Supreme Court
November 17, 2000 Several Hundred People Storm Water Resource and Power Ministries : NBA Challenges Narmada Control Authority and Power Ministry on Sardar Sarovar and Maheshwar Projects: NBA files Review Petition
November 16, 2000 For the struggles in Narmada and other river valleys, World Commission on Dams report is a tool but not the ultimate weapon

Hundreds of Maheshwar Dam Affected People Demonstrate at IFCI, Delhi; IFCI Officials Agree to Visit Narmada Valley on 5th, 6th, and 7th January

Dharna Continues Inspite of Police Intervention: States Amended Narmada Tribunal For showing Less displacement : Court misled
November 15, 2000 President Assures Timely Action On Narmada Dam Issue;
Independent Jury of IPT Calls For a Immediate Review of the Supreme Court Verdict; Dharna Continues

Over 60 US organisations call upon the President of India to halt the work on SSP right away
November 14, 2000 World Bank President Compelled to meet over 2500 'Civil Society' representatives: No plans to fund Narmada again, President admits
November 13, 2000 Thousands confront the World Bank President in Delhi; Dharna continues with vigour
November 9, 2000 Long March Reaches Mumbai - Increasing Support All Along: Narmada Tribals Appeal To Governor Of Maharashtra To Protect Their Rights And Life
November 8, 2000 No Land For Oustees: People Protest Against the Unjust Submergence And Displacement
Long March Starts Exposing the Claims by Maharashtra Govt Demonstrations in Shahada, Nandurbar: Mumbai Dharna on Nov. 9
November 5, 2000 Narmada Villagers to Launch Long March - 'Call For Justice' from November 6: Dharna in Delhi for People's Rights: Protest Actions Continue All Over
November 2, 2000 Statement of Advani on "Foreign Powers" Irresponsible;
NBA Denies Any Role in Chaos At Dam Site Inauguration

October 2000

October 28, 2000 Narmada Andolan, now for safeguarding the constitution of India; After Bhopal, a sit in at Delhi; Non co-operation in the villages; Intensification of the struggle;
October 28, 2000 Bhopal fast enters 4th day: Support from different parts pouring in
October 27, 2000 NBA Open For Any Enquiry on Funds .... Conditionally; Fast enters the third day
October 26, 2000 Narmada Case: Supreme Court Judgment Welcomed with Protests: Strong Reaction From the Civil Society
October 25, 2000 Medha Patkar and others begin fast;
Appeal to Civil Society to Stand by Justice
October 23, 2000 Massive Rally Condemning the Judgment of Supreme Court in Badwani;
Thousands reaffirm their determination to fight against injustice and protect the Narmada Valley
October 21, 2000 Protest Rally Against Supreme Court Verdict At Badwani On Oct.23
Noted Legal Luminary Jst.Krishna Iyer calls for a Review of Judgment
October 18, 2000 Without Considering Basic Issues, Supreme Court Surrenders To the Pressures by Power Holders
Unfettered Dam Construction and Displacement Allowed: Assault on People and Constitution
October 14, 2000 NBA Condemns Police Atrocities on Tribal Youth
October 13, 2000 SSP Not A Solution for Drought; No Land for Oustees - No Compromise on Dam Height would be Possible
October 04, 2000 Hundreds of Maheshwar dam affected people capture HUDCO office at Bhopal Officials agree to visit valley to appraise Maheshwar Project

September 2000

September 26, 2000 Falciparium Malaria Claims Ten Oustees Of Bargi Dam In One Month : Hundreds Affected
September 25, 2000 NBA - NAPM Activists Leave For Prague To Participate In Global Protests Against World Bank And IMF
September 18, 2000 Narmada Satyagraha Concludes With A Call For Justice And Struggle Against The Destruction: People Assert Right To Create A New Life
September 16, 2000 September 17, Conclusion Of Narmada Satyagraha, Jalsindhi And Domkhedi
September 08, 2000 'Show The Land' - Tribals Challenge Maharashtra Govt. Again
Officials Missing, Siege On Akkalkua Office Lifted On Second Day
September 08, 2000 'Show The Land' - Tribals Challenge Maharashtra Govt. Again
Siege On Akkalkua Tehsil Continues, Officials Missing
September 07, 2000 Over 1500 People From Nimad, Alirajpur Take Out Rally In Bhopal
"State Has No Land For Resettlement" Concedes Madhya Pradesh CM
Cash Compensation, Surveys Of 436 Ft Suspended, Talks Within A Week
September 01, 2000 Cancellation Of Kalabagh Dam : A Victory For People Of Pakistan
Boost To Struggles Against Large Dams In South Asia

August 2000

August 29, 2000 Another Nail In The Coffin Of The Maheshwar Project: No German Money For The Maheshwar Project
Siemens Withdraws Application For Hermes Export Guarantee, Hypovereinsbank Backs Out of Rs.530 Crore Loan Commitment
August 28, 2000 Thousands Converge at Rajpipla Despite Police Terror; Sanctuary Affected Questioned the Authorities
August 27, 2000 Kahars and Dalits of Maheshwar Hold Mass Rally At Toksar; "We will stop external destruction and internal discrimination."
August 25, 2000 Gujarat Govt. Draws Flak From Amnesty International, Organisations From Gujarat And From All Over Country: Narmada Programme Goes Ahead
August 24, 2000 Arundhati Roy and Other Supporters Reach Domkhedi-Jalsindhi Justice Sachar, 33 others detained by Gujarat Police : 500 Stopped on M.P.- Gujarat Border: 'Saga of Narmada' Continues As Planned
August 23, 2000 Hundreds of Police Seal the Roads To Domkhedi-Jalsindhi
Panicky Gujarat Govt. prevents people from going to peaceful programme in Narmada Satyagraha
At least five detained
August 21, 2000 Survey in SSP affected Jalsindhi village wrong by 3 metres; Gross Underestimation of Impacts
August 18, 2000 Justice Sachar, Arundhati Roy, Girishbhai, Vidya Bal To Participate In "Saga Of Narmada" On Aug. 24 In The Narmada Valley: Satyagraha Continues
August 16, 2000 How Come Maharashtra GRA Remains Independent After Making Statement Favouring State Govt.?
August 16, 2000 Domkhedi Hamlet Self Sufficient in Electricity
Narmada Valley Celebrates the Independence Day with A Call for the Second Freedom Struggle
August 14, 2000 First Ever Micro Hydel Project in Narmada Valley to Start On August 15th, As a Part of the Struggle Against the Mega-dams
August 10, 2000 Narmada Oustees Sore About The Visit Of Grievance Redressal Authority In Maharashtra
People Once Again Expose The Rehabilitation Claims
August 08, 2000 Maharashtra Govt. Must Come Clean About Cost-benefits Of SSP To State
Artists, Intellectuals Demand Dialogue And Review On Narmada Issue
August 07, 2000 "Fight For Peace, In A Peaceful way"
Children In Narmada Valley Celebrate International Peace Day With Skit, Song And Resolve For A Better, Peaceful Life
August 04, 2000 Children In The Narmada Valley To Celebrate Peace Day For Sane And Humane Development
Satyagraha Enters The Third Week

July 2000

July 21, 2000 Scrap Maheshwar Project, Refuse Hermes Guarantee
July 18, 2000 Youth Support Actions For Narmada Satyagraha
Youth Camp On Sustainable Development
July 16, 2000 Satyagraha Launched In Jalsindhi And Domkhedi With Resolve To Confront The Waters
"In Narmada Valley, There Is Another War - Against Injustice" - Admiral Ramdas
July 4, 2000 German Ministry Report Exposes Maheshwar Project;
NBA urges German Government to refuse Hermes Guarantee, Calls upon the Indian Government to scrap the project

June 2000

June 25, 2000 Maharashtra Govt. violated Narmada Tribunal in resettling Narmada oustees: Indian People's Tribunal Report

May 2000

May 30, 2000 Nimad villagers demand sustainable water policy:
Jal Vikas Yatra launched with resolve to resist submergence and drought
May 23, 2000 Reduction in SSP height wont solve basic issues
Complete review of SSP and other dams in Narmada Valley is real answer

April 2000

April 5, 2000 Maheshwar Dam affected people demonstrate at American Embassy and Power Finance Corporation
April 4, 2000 Maheshwar dam affected demonstrate at American Embassy against Ogden Energy Group's involvement in the dam Project : U.S. business interests cannot be allowed to violate human rights in the Narmada valley

March 2000

March 30 2000 Protest in front of Nandurbar Collectorate intensified -- Medha Patkar and others resort to indefinite fast - dharna continues
March 29 2000 Indefinite Dharna of Narmada Bachao Andolan Continues on the Third Day People Capture Collector's Office at Nandurbar
March 28 2000 Hundreds of Tribals on Indefinite Dharna at Nandurbar Collectorate
Notice for Contempt of Court served to District Collector of Nandurbar for Negligence of Supreme Court order
March 25 2000 Clinton's bitter gift to the Narmada Valley
Maheshwar dam affected people determined to fight to the end
March 16 2000 National Commission of Women asks Govt. to establish public utility of projects before displacing people
Maheshwar project-affected women demand that the project be scrapped
March 16 2000 Farmers, Dalits, Tribals & Women Resolve to Fight Against Globalization
NAPM Press Release
March 15 2000 "Water for life, not for death!"
Rally in the Narmada valley on the International Day against Large Dams
March 10 2000 People's representatives demonstrate against Maheshwar Project
Petition by 300 newly elected people's representatives handed over to Chief Minister and Governor, Madhya Pradesh
March 09 2000 People continues to be in the Jail
Chittaroopa Palit enters the second day of her nir jal fast
March 08 2000 MP Government Arrests Peaceful Demostrators at Maheshwar
NBA Condemns Undemocratic Stand of MP Government
March 05 2000 Struggle against the Maheshwar Project Intensifies

January 2000

January 14 2000 State Government unable to defend Maheshwar Hydel Power Project
Government has no answers to the questions of affected people
The people will stop the project
January 13 2000 Agitators & Activists Refuse to Come Out from Jail
Determined to Capture the Dam site Again
January 11 2000 NBA activists occupy the Maheshwar dam site
Thousands arrested from dam site
January 08 2000 Veteran activists Avinash B. J. and Chhaya die in road accident in Satara
Maharashtra loses gem of activists