December 2001

December 29, 2001 NBA supports the people's struggle in Tehri Garwal
December 28, 2001 NCCL misrepresenting even the Court order for defaming NBA
December 25, 2001 Maan dam affected tribals on the roads again; Struggle enters a new phase
December 13, 2001 Adivasis in Satpuda take a pledge to save and harness resources; Mass gathering demand land rights and assert self rule
December 4, 2001 Narmada Villagers Warn Against State Terrorism in Madhya Pradesh; Govt. Has No land, Eviction with Illegal Means and Brutal Force
December 2, 2001 People In Narmada Valley Lose Senior Friend in Gujarat; Reputed human rights lawyer Haroobhai Mehta dies in road accident
December 1, 2001 Public Hearing at Kevadia colony by SSP oustees and distortion by Media and the Government of Gujarat

November 2001

November 27, 2001 State Brutality against the farmers of Narmada Valley challenged; Digvijay Singh compromises interests of Madhya Pradesh and Party for BJP's Dam
November 25, 2001 Madhya Pradesh organisations term the present energy crisis a conspiracy, oppose privatization and trifurcation of the MPEB; "Decisions about the Madhya Pradesh's energy needs will have to be taken with the people in Madhya Pradesh, not in the ADB offices at Manila"
November 25, 2001 Brutal lathi charge in Village Chotta Badada on peaceful protestors; Over 15 hospitalised; Two bystanders also brutally beaten, one still semi-conscious; M.P. Government attempts forcible surveys without answering people's fundamental questions
November 19, 2001 Organizations oppose 'sinister' amendment in Narmada Tribunal; "Govt. denying land to oustees to hide failure of resetlement"; The Supreme Court Must take Note of Illegal Move: Demand to Dismiss the Proposal
November 18, 2001 New CAG Report tabled in Madhya Pradesh Vidhan Sabha confirms S.Kumars financial malpractices; M.P. government must desist from picking up equity in the destructive Maheshwar Project

October 2001

October 27, 2001 The WCD report shows a way out of crisis
Exploit existing & incomplete big dams & adopt alternatives
October 23, 2001 Veteran social activist Dashrath Tatya Patil passes away in Dhule; Narmada and people's movements in Maharashtra lose their comrade
October 19, 2001 Rallies In Narmada Valley and Outside On "Black Day" 18th Oct.
Assumptions in verdict belied: No resettlement upto 90 m.
Call to review Court decision: Protect people's rights
October 13, 2001 Farmers of Narmada took out massive rally; Determined to fight eviction and State terrorism

September 2001

September 29, 2001 Representatives of Indian Financial institutions evade discussion; S.Kumars goons brutally assault two NBA activists; "No review of financing without participation of dam affected people"
September 29, 2001 Many Injured In Police Lathi-charge at Chotta Badada in Nimad; One girl hospitalized: People Resolute
September 27, 2001 MEDHA, SEETARAMBHAI, HIMMAT, ASHISH, GULABBHAI END FAST ON 11TH DAY; Maharashtra govt. Agrees for verification of resettlement claims with NBA participation; Adopts 'no resettlement-no increase in dam height' position
September 26, 2001 Maharashtra Govt. accepts slips; Talks of verification of oustees, linkage with construction of dam; NBA needs more explanation, decision on 27th
September 25, 2001 Maharashtra Govt. adamant on not conceding land rights to tribals
Ninth day of indefinite fast: Activists weak but resolute:
Delegation refuses to leave Secretariat
September 24, 2001 Maharashtra Organizations Hold Impressive Support Rally; Govt. Continues To be Non-committal; Fast Continues on Eighth Day
September 23, 2001 Indefinite fast by Medha Patkar and others on 7th day: 3 hospitalised
September 22, 2001 Narmada Protestors Continue Fast on Sixth Day Despite Failing Health; GOVERNMENT BETRAYING TRIBALS WITH DELAYING TACTICS: MEDHA
September 21, 2001 Betrayal by Maharashtra Government? Medha Patkar and 7 others continue indefinite fast on 5th day; "No withdrawal without concrete action by State"; Medha
September 20, 2001 Indefinite fast continues into the 4th day; Government considers position of no further construction; "Land Rights will be granted," says Chief Minister; Government to decide on Jst Daud Committee report in Cabinet meeting within 15 days;
September 19, 2001 "Land Rights will be granted" says Chief Minister; Government will take a pro-adivasi stand on Jst Daud Committee within 15 days
September 15, 2001 Illegal & Unjust Attempt to Alter SSP Oustees' Provisions for Rehabilitation; Relay Fast Continues the Second Day at Mumbai
September 14, 2001 Shri Ashok Chauhan will ensure that no alienation of adivasis' rights will be allowed; Promises to settle land rights in the Narmada Valley
September 13, 2001 Activists Including Medha Patkar to go on Fast
People Determined; the Struggle will be Intensified
September 12, 2001 Maharashtra State Congress Party demands rehabilitation before any further construction; NBA condemns the violence in US
September 11, 2001 People Confront the Unaccountable Elected Representatives; Adivasis from the Narmada Valley in Bombay for an Indefinite Mass Action; No Rehabilitation, No dam!!
September 7, 2001 "It is Ill-Health Of Mrs Amte and Struggle Against Inchampalli Dam That Beckon Me"; Baba Amte condemns distorted reports: Still firm with NBA, opposition to large dams
September 4, 2001 Chief Minister Expresses Grief Over Lathi Charge:
Meets NBA Delegation at Kasaravad - Promises Action: Dharna Continues
September 3, 2001 Unprovoked, M.P. Police Beat Narmada Villagers In Badwani; Many Injured, Hospitalized; Hundreds of People Protest Against Unjust Displacement

August 2001

August 29, 2001 People of Narmada Valley Warn Against Callous Decision on Dam; Over 1200 in Bhopal: R&R Sub Group Meeting in progress
August 27, 2001 President's Office responds Positively to Jeevan Yatra; Delhi Colleges Rise and Noted Artists Perform in Support of Narmada Struggle
August 24, 2001 Top Official Meets Jeevanshala Children: Promises Prompt Response
Delhi Accords Warm Welcome to Jeevan Yatra
August 24, 2001 SC/ST Commission Chairman Dares the Government;
Promises to Meet Officials and NBA Representatives soon
August 21, 2001 Announcement on SSP and Decision by Chief Ministers is Farcical
If Humps mean 93 mts, NBA's Position is Further Vindicated
August 20, 2001 Submergence Water Enters Narmada Satyagraha Hut on August 16;
Satyagrahis Firm for 6 Hours: People Chase Away Police
August 18, 2001 Jeevan Yatra at Bhopal. Search for Life and Livelihood
August 16, 2001 Jeevan Yatra Flagged off from Narmada banks
SOS from Children of Narmada Valley to the President
August 16, 2001 Maharashtra Government officials agree that 90m affected families resettlement is still due in front of Narmada Control Authority officials
August 10, 2001 Narmada Shakti Dal opposes pollution of Narmada waters; 200 women gherao Barwah police station all night (Narmada Shakti Dal Press Release)
August 8, 2001 Oustees in Maharashtra seize Govt. office in Taloda in protest against abysmal resettlement; Demand to Implement Daud Committee Report (Punarwas Sangharsh Samiti Press Release)
August 7, 2001 NCA Officials Admit failure in Rehabilitation; Agreed to Hold Public Hearing in the Valley
August 7, 2001 Government of Maharashtra appoints Committee to Review Benefits
August 1, 2001 MAGSAYSAY AWARD FOR RAJENDRA SINGH; An Honour For All People's Struggles - For People-Based, Sane Development

July 2001

July 30, 2001 August 1: "AFRICA DAY OF THE NARMADA" - Solidarity with Narmada Satyagraha
Satyagraha Continues
July 24, 2001 Jst.Krishna Iyer For Stalling SSP Work Till Full Rehabilitation
July 22, 2001 Maharashtra Satyagrahis Confront Collector On Displacement; M.P. Police intimidate villagers opposing cash compensation
July 20, 2001 Satyagrahis prepared to face submergence; Water level stabilises at two feet below Satyagraha house; Organizations Demand Implementation of Daud Committee Recommendations
July 16, 2001 Major floods in Narmada Valley in next 24 hours feared; Satyagrahis to face submergence, oppose 'Sham Rescue Operation' by Government
July 12, 2001 Justice (Retd.) Daud Committee Report on Resettlement of Sardar Sarovar Project Oustees in Maharashtra Comes Down Heavily on the Government
Exposes the Lapses in Supreme Court Judgment; Vindicates NBA's Position
July 10, 2001 Senior Activists Begin Three Day Fast
Satyagraha Gathering Strength
July 09, 2001 Baba Amte invites President of India to visit Narmada valley to understand displacement and submergence: Kasaravad Satyagraha launched
People Lambast Vilification Campaign By Jamuna Devi and NCCL-Challenge to Prove Allegations
July 06, 2001 Narmada Satyagraha launched in Jalsindhi-Domkhedi on July 5
People determined to dare submergence: It is larger struggle
July 02, 2001 The Satyagraha: A challenge to people and the government
"Ban NBA" move by an unholy alliance against democracy
July 02, 2001 Satyagraha of Maan Dam affected people begins in village Khedi
If there is no land to sustain generations, then people will brave the rising waters

June 2001

June 20, 2001 WCD Report a Guideline for New Water Policy in India; National Interest Demands Review of Narmada and All Large Dams
June 8, 2001 Sardar Sarovar would be another Enron for Maharashtra; State must review cost-benefit of Project; Satyagraha from July 5
June 4, 2001 New Water Policy for India needed on basis of WCD; Tribals in Narmada Valley to face submergence again; Maharashtra Govt. must stop work on dam and review SSP in state's interest
June 1, 2001 Maheshwar dam affected people storm Financial institutions, FIs taken to task for irregularities; Collusion between FIs and private promoters, RBI must act to stop large scale loot of public finance

May 2001

May 31, 2001 Financial Institutions must stop funding Maheshwar Hydro-Electric Project; Lesson from Dabhol: Moratorium on all further FI lending to Independent Power Projects
May 18, 2001 Dharna of people affected by Narmada dams starts in Bhopal;
Maan and Sardar Sarovar affected people will submerge without rehabilitation this monsoon;
"Not cash compensation but land can be the basis of sustaining life"

April 2001

April 23, 2001 Contempt Case Adjourned till August 7; Medha, Arundhati assert rights of people and right to criticise the court
April 20, 2001 R&R sub-group meeting defers further construction on the dam; Representatives dharna at Delhi to 'remind' them that rehabilitation is not done; Secretary to the Ministry of Tribal Welfare urged to visit the Sardar Sarovar submergence area; Asked to take stern action on the officials involved in the Dewas killings
April 16, 2001 Maan affected people demonstrate at Commissioner's office in Indore; Temporary govt. camps completely unacceptable; Govt. must immediately stop dam construction and give people land based rehabilitation
April 14, 2001 Narmada villagers stop fake survey; M.P. police fire in air, beat and injure many; Chikhalda people block highway
April 14, 2001 Legal Notice Served To M.P. Dy Chief Minister Jamuna Devi By NBA and Medha Patkar: 'Apologise Or Face Legal action'
April 11, 2001 Supreme Court Again Comes Under Harsh Criticism On Narmada Verdict; Prominent People Ask Court To Make Them Party To Contempt Proceedings Against Patkar and Roy; Narmada Parikrama Concluded
April 9, 2001 NBA apprehends large scale financial irregularities in the Maheshwar Hydro-Electric Project; Asks CAG to investigate; Public funds from Financial Institutions cannot cross stipulated limits
April 6, 2001 Narmada Bachao Andolan condemns killing of Adivasis, demands CBI enquiry
April 6, 2001 Farmers in Narmada Valley do not accept removal of Quantitative Restrictions on agricultural imports
Large Kissan Sammelan at Badwani; Narmada Sangharsh Parikrama Enters 3rd Day
April 5, 2001 Narmada Sangharsh Parikrama Started with Vigour and Enthusiasm
April 2, 2001 Eminent writer Arundati Roy and film-maker Jharna Jhaveri visit affected villages and demand that there can be 'No Construction Without Completion Of Rehabilitation First'; 'Citizens Forum' - Independent Fact-finding Committee from New Delhi investigates rehabilitation process and suspected human rights violations in Maan Project; Chittaroopa Palit and Urmila Patidar still held in jail for the 12th day
April 2, 2001 Narmada Valley Gets Ready for the Parikrama
Not Just a Program, But Propagation of Narmada Vision: Begins from April 4th

March 2001

March 31, 2001 Harassment by the State Administration continues
Chittaroopa Palit and Urmila Patidar still held in jail for the 11th day
March 30, 2001 Narmada Sangharsh Parikrama in Nimad villages from April 4; People to continue struggle for right to life; Expose falsity of SC verdict
March 28, 2001 200 of Maan project-affected adivasis who were arrested on 21st March released unconditionally; 13 activists detained on false charges; Detailed examination of the rehabilitation process to be done in the next ten days
March 26, 2001 Maan Project Affected Adivasis Take Out Protest Rally In Dhar
March 25, 2001 Lifting Narmada Waters Vindicates NBA's Position: Demand Official Statement on Urban Allocation and Benefits to Kutch and Saurashtra
March 25, 2001 False Charges Of Atrocities On Adivasis Filed On Those Fighting For The Rights Of Adivasis! Will Anyone In This Country Listen To What The President Has To Say
March 24, 2001 Harassment By The State Administration Continues As More false Charges Have Been Filed Against Them; The Maan Project Affected Adivasis Still Kept In Jail For The Fourth Day.
March 23, 2001 Nationwide Condemnation Of The Shameful Act Of The Government Of Arresting The Adivasis Affected By The Maan Project.
All The Arrested Adivasis Fast On The 3rd Day In Jail.
Big Dams Like The Maan Project Are The Cause Of Drought
Day 2: Project affected adivasis still lodged in jail.
March 21, 2001 Hundreds of Adivasis Affected by the Maan Project Capture the Dam Site; Indefinite Dharna at Dam Site Begins Today
March 20, 2001 Eminent Medical Professionals and Health Works of 93 countries write to the President; Citizens from Kerala appeal to President to Intervene in the Issue of Narmada
Loan of Rs. 200 crores falls through, Harza out of Project; Escrow cover for Maheshwar Project collapses; NBA demands White Paper on the Project
March 10, 2001 Maan Project affected tribals storm NABARD office;
NABARD officials agree not to give additional money to the Maan Project if rehabilitation conditions are not met;
Nearly two hundred tribals affected by the Maan Project

February 2001

February 22, 2001 M.P. government officials refuse to rehabilitate Maan affected tribals
Lands and homes of 5000 tribals to be submerged this monsoon,
Tribals vow to fight Project till death
February 16, 2001 Madhya Pradesh government preparing to submerge Dhar tribals
"Contractor's interests are more important to Madhya Pradesh government than Adivasi's livelihoods"

January 2001

January 31, 2001 Mahila Sammelan Appeals to Help the Earthquake Victims;
Women of Narmada Valley Vow to Save the Sacred River;
Baba Amte reiterates Commitment to fight Destruction;
January 28, 2001 Narmada Valley expresses solidarity with Gujarat people;
Will participate in quake relief; Further investigations needed
January 25, 2001 Maan Project affected tribals march in Dhar, sit in at Collector's office;
Demand immediate stoppage of construction on dam in face of imminent submergence in the monsoon of 2001
January 22, 2001 Independent Committees: Maharashtra Government Yet to Keep the Promise;
Will it again Succumb to the Pressures of Gujarat?
Will the Bureaucrats Continue Misleading the Government?
January 20, 2001 Criminal Case of Defamation Case Against 'Advertisement' filed; Comparison of the Struggle with US Presidential Election is Absurd; NBA Challenges the Accusers to Prove The Allegations of Foreign Hands and Treachery
January 11, 2001 Sardar Sarovar Review by the Chief Ministers Conceals Ground Reality; No Master Plan for Rehabilitation of 40,000 Reservoir Affected Families as yet; No Land: Supreme Court Judgment Stands Violated: Struggle Continues
January 9, 2001 Representatives of Narmada Valley Storm into Chief Minister's Residence; Demands for a just and pro-people stand in the Review Committee
January 8, 2001 Maharashtra Govt. should not succumb to pressure by Gujarat; No work on SSP before assessments by independent committees
January 7, 2001 Thousands celebrate withdrawal of US power utility from Maheshwar Project, protest indiscriminate globalisation and privatization
January 4, 2001 Government of Maharashtra appoints independent committees to review Sardar Sarovar Project
January 2, 2001 Sardar Sarovar Oustees 'Seize' Mumbai; Ministers Support the cause of Narmada Bachao Andolan; Rehabilitation Minister Agrees to meet the People Tomorrow