December 2002

December 31, 2002 Movable and immovable properties of Maheshwar dam attached; Rural Electrification Corporation refuses to pick up equity in the Project; Demand to scrap the Project and recover public money
December 26, 2002 Invitation for Inauguration of Second Micro Hydel Project in Narmada Valley, January 14th 2003
December 10, 2002 People Resolve to Assert their Right to Land against State High Handedness at the Jan Sunwai; Mass Action to Restore the Destroyed Farms
December 09, 2002 Forcible and Illegal Occupation of Village Land in Bhavariya For Sardar Sarovar Dam; MP Govt Tramples Law and People to help Narendra Modi
December 04, 2002 Jan Sangharsh Morcha Press Release: Unprecedented 800% tariff hike ordered by Madhya Pradesh Regulatory Commission designed to destroy MP economy; Strong struggle will be launched to combat tariff hike and power sector reforms at the instance of foreign powers and the ADB
December 01, 2002 Will Modi be exposed on the claims related to Narmada?
December 01, 2002 Jan Sangharsh Morcha Press Release: Massive Electricity Tariff hike declared by Regulatory Commission an attack on public interest, Loot of the people of Madhya Pradesh at the behest of ADB

November 2002

November 26, 2002 Jan Sangharsh Morcha Press Release: Jan Sangharsh Morcha rally against electricity tariffs reaches Bhopal
November 26, 2002 Jan Sangarsh Morcha Press Release: Power Policy of Digvijay Singh Government Responsible for the Suicide of Farmer Okte Government Should Stop Destitution of the Farmers At the Behest of ADB and Take Back Proposed Tariff Hike
November 23, 2002 Jan Sangarsh Morcha Press Release: Thousands of Tribals-Farmers Protest
Against Proposed Electricity Tariff Hike as Rally Reaches Burhanpur
November 20, 2002 Government Misleads Parliament Again On Narmada Issue and
Suppresses Information; Oustees Below 90 m. Not Yet Resettled
November 20, 2002 Jan Sangarsh Morcha Press Release: Grand Welcome for
Bijli Bachao- Azadi Bachao Yatra in Kasrawad Over 5000
Farmers-Labourers Protest Against Proposed Tariff Hike in Electricity
November 19, 2002 Jan Sangarsh Morcha Press Release: Thousands converge in Manawar
to protest hike in electricity prices as Bijli Bachao-Azadi Bachao Yatra enters fourth day
November 15, 2002 Jan Sangarsh Morcha Press Release: "Bijli Bachao - Azadi Bachao yatra" organized by Jan Sangarsh Morcha begins in Indore today; MPSEB must withdraw petition: People will struggle until government concedes
November 08, 2002 Jan Sangarsh Morcha Press Release: Invitation to "Bijli-Bachao Azadi-Bachao Yatra", 15-30 Nov 2002 in MP
November 06, 2002 Jan Sangharsh Morcha Press Release: JSM to organize Bijli Bachao - Azadi Bachao Yatras
through the state in protest against the proposed electricity tariff hike;
CAG finds that MPSEB has wantonly wasted Rs. 70 crores

October 2002

October 21, 2002 Madhya Pradesh Government must withdraw the anti-people second tariff petition and cancel agreement with Asia Development Bank; Huge protest rally in Mandleshwar on the 26th of October marks beginning of state wide struggle
October 09, 2002 CM agrees to demands on Narmada and other project affected, slum dwellers and adivasis. No Dam without rehabilitation, No Eviction of footpath dwellers
October 07, 2002 No Project and Displacement without Rehabilitation: A Pledge by Oustees of Sardar Sarovar, Tapi, Krishna and Jaikwadi
October 05, 2002 Sardar Sarovar Task Force Report Exposes Serious Flaws in Rehabilitation;
Narmada Oustees Determined to Get Rehabilitation Issues Resloved:
Dharna by 800 Adivasis Continues
October 04, 2002 Thousands on Indefinite Dharana for Right to Livelihood in Maharashtra.
October 03, 2002 Thousands Take Part In Rally Along Roads of Bhopal After Jan Panchayat;
Demand Right to Life and Livelihood
October 02, 2002 15,000 tribals and peasants participate in Jan Panchayat in Bhopal; oppose Asia Development Bank and World bank; Call for intensifying struggle for rights over lands, waters and forests

September 2002

September 24, 2002 Thousands Of Tribals in Narmada Valley and Satpura Ranges Asser Right Over Land: Impressive March for Right to Life
September 15, 2002 Dubious Order Again In Narmada Matter: SC Avoids Responsibility To Protect people's rights
September 10, 2002 Massive Devastation By Submergence; Narmada People Demand Compensation,
No Increase In Dam Height
September 08, 2002 RBI must direct CBI to investigate grave financial irregularities in S.Kumars
promoted Maheshwar Project; Stop corporate loot of public money
September 06, 2002 More Than 800 People Affected by Sardar Sarovar Project Block Highway 26 (Khandwa-Baroda) to Protest Unjust Submergence
September 05, 2002 State Government Belittles Submergence; Devastation in Narmada
Valley: Medha, Kamla Yadav Face Neck-deep Water
September 03, 2002 SSP Dam waters Rise Alarmingly;Tribals Face Untold
Submergence;Satyagrahis Standing In Neck Deep Narmada Waters

September 01, 2002 Waters rising dangerously with Satyagrahis facing submergence in Sardar Sarovar

August 2002

August 06, 2002 Grievance Redressal Authority (GRA) Rejects Review Petition of NVDA : Directs Implementation of Interim Order of 31 July : Dhar Administration Starts Taking People Back to Their Village
August 03, 2002 Third Day of Maan Affected People's Dharna in Dhar;
Government Not Complying With the Orders of its Own Authority
August 01, 2002 Grievance Redressal Authority orders that evicted oustees be returned to the village, Maan dam oustees lift Bhopal dharna; Adivasis squat at Dhar Collectorate, NVDA dawdles over implementation of GRA order

July 2002

July 31, 2002 Maan dam oustees reach Bhopal after being brutal eviction by local administration

July 29, 2002 Satyagraha Samachar
July 28, 2002 Medical Examination of Injured Women Carried Out on Complaint by State Women's Commission
Relay Fast Begins
July 26, 2002 Outpouring of Support for Dharna of Maan Oustees : FIR Registered Against Police Loot
July 25, 2002 Maan Dam Affected People Start Dharna in Indore : Against State Repression and Demanding Full Resettlement
July 23, 2002 Government creates artificial submergence by closing sluice gates; Ousts village with police repression, attempts to derail GRA process
Adivasis escape camp, demand opening of sluice gates, restoration of families and village, agricultural land
July 21, 2002 Villages Evicted with Police Terror Tactics
Preparations on for Demolishing : Women, Children Also Beaten Up:
NBA Demands that Submergence Should be Stopped Till Resettlement is Over
July 20, 2002 Madhya Pradesh government prepares to submerge Man affected villages in cold blood; Closes sluice gates, Adivasi women arrested, taken from Dhar to unknown place.
July 17, 2002 Eminent Panel Continues Public Hearings in Tribal Areas Affected by Sardar Sarovar Project
July 13, 2002 Eminent Panel Held Public Hearing in Sardar Sarovar Dam Affected Area
False Claims of Government Exposed Once Again
July 11, 2002 Left to Support Narmada Struggle: Outcome of Narmada March In North
Maharashtra; Joint campaign by Left-Progressive Political Parties and NBA-NAPM
July 10, 2002 Narmada March Draws Fervent Support in North Maharashtra; Tribals expose
Reality of Displacement to Outside World
July 07, 2002 Activist Arrested, Beaten in Ambabari by Maharashtra Police
July 06, 2002 Resolve of Narmada Satyagraha: Struggle against the Unjust Submergence will continue
July 01, 2002 NBA activist still in jail on flimsy charges;
Dhar administration deliberately obstructs bail;
Rains in full spate, Impending submergence
July 01, 2002 Satyagraha Begins Amidst Heavy Rains;
More Severe Rains to Come: 8000 Families to be Affected This Year

June 2002

June 26, 2002 Dhar Police abducts NBA activist, whereabouts unknown,
NBA to file Habeus Corpus
State continues repression against Maan dam oustees
June 25, 2002 More than 1000 NBA representatives in peaceful protest in
front of Grievance Redressal Authority (GRA);
23 people sit on a symbolic one-day fast
June 24, 2002 Inability to Rehabilitate the People Exposed Again:
Oustees of SSP in the Streets of Indore for Justice
June 18, 2002 Indefinite Fast and Dharna Withdrawn
Expert Advisors Appointed in GRA to Ensure Rehabilitation of Maan Dam Oustees
To Guarantee Complete Rehabilitation by July 31st
June 17, 2002 Fasting Activists Continue to be Critical
Continue the Fast Inspite the Police Intensify Search
June 16, 2002 Further Decline in Health of Fasting Activists;
Government Tries to Wash-Off Responsibility: Uninterested in Resolving Crisis
June 15, 2002 Ramkuvar Sinking: Health of Others Critically Deteriorating; Government Backed Off From its Own Proposal for Independent Committee; Police Encircles Submergence Villages
June 15, 2002 Narmada Satyagraha 2002:
A Call to the Conscience of the Nation.
June 14, 2002 Submergence started in Maan Affected Khedi village;
Indefinite fast of the four activists enters 25th day;
Activists in Jail Observe One Day Fast: Chain Fast Begun in USA
June 12, 2002 Government Resorting to Cheap Tactics by Manipulating Medical Reports; Indefinite Fast Enters 23rd day
June 11, 2002 Indefinite Fast Enters 22nd Day; Green Party Leader Appeals to Mr.Digvijay Singh; NBA Condemns the Attack on 'Water Man' Rajendra Singh
June 11, 2002 Hundreds Protest in Badwani Against Repressive Tactics of Madhya
Pradesh Government; People Vow to Resist Unjust Displacement and Face the
June 10, 2002 Indefinite Fast Enters 21st Day; Solidarity Programs in Support of Maan Struggle Held in Several Places
June 10, 2002 Baba Amte's House in Chhoti Kasarvad Forcibly Taken Over With Connivance of MP Government: Nimad People Protest in Face of Police
June 09, 2002 "Rehabilitate Maan affected persons immediately": Arundhati Roy;
Number of Trade Unions join Dharna to express solidarity
June 08, 2002 SC/ST Commission asks Chief Secretary to submit a report within a week over
the rehabilitation of Man affected persons. Writers from around the country express solidarity
with struggle, ask Chief Minister to initiate dialogue immediately
June 05, 2002 Narmada Case in Supreme Court
June 04, 2002 Indefinite Fast Enters 15th Day: Government Resorts to Hollow Claims
June 04, 2002 Socialist Organizations Condemn Atrocities in Sardar Sarovar, Maan Dam Areas in Narmada Valley
June 03, 2002 14th Day of Indefinite Fast; Consulting the Adivasis is a must: Dr B.D. Sharma. Rehabilitation Policy in the Presence of the Governor.
June 02, 2002 Six Thousand Families in 38 Villages in MP in SSP Issued Notices for Eviction: People Dare Govt. to Evict Thousands by June 5

May 2002

May 30, 2002 Jan Sangarsh Morcha press release Inhuman Treatment of Tribals Displaced by the Maan Project;
The True Face of the Madhya Pradesh Government's Dalit Agenda is Revealed
May 29, 2002 Ninth Day of Indefinite Hunger Strike; Activists meet with Deputy Chief Minister and Chief Secretary of Madhya Pradesh
May 29, 2002 Supreme Court to hear Narmada matter on May 30, amidst state terror, illegalities and people's resistance
May 29, 2002 Madhya Pradesh government ready to trample Sardar Sarovar affected people
May 27, 2002 Indefinite Fast Enters Seventh Day
Cruelty of State Government is Uncivilized - Rajendra Singh
May 25, 2002 Indefinite hunger strike enters its fifth day
Madhya Pradesh state government resorts to lies, flouts its own resettlement norms
May 22, 2002 Supreme Court issues notices to Union and State Governments and Narmada Control Authority to file replies by 30th May in the writ petition filed by Narmada Bachao Andolan
Raising Sardar Sarovar height to 95 (+3 mts. humps) challenged!
Illegal scandalous State violence against 10,000 families of adivasis and farmers!
May 21, 2002 Indefinite fast for the rehabilitation of the Man dam affected people and against state terror begins at Bhopal
Adivasis face the prospect of death through thirst as State government destroys all water sources
May 17, 2002 Police reign of terror in Man dam affected villages in Dhar
Electricity cut off, hand pumps extracted, Five schools bulldozed
May 16, 2002 Dharna of the Man dam oustees continues for second day in Bhopal
Delegation meets Narmada Valley Development Officials
May 15, 2002 Dharna of Maan dam affected people for their rights begins;
Special rehabilitation package inadequate; Submergence of 17 villages imminent
People raise their voice against police repression
May 14, 2002 Maan Dam Oustees on dharna in Bhopal from 15th May, 2002;
Villages to be flooded within a month; People demand better financial
package to ensure land based rehabilitation, stop felling of trees, state repression.
May 10, 2002 State government misleading public on Maheshwar Project to cover its financial irregularities
May 3, 2002 MP Govt. assures to hold discussions before May 10: Villagers end
Bhopal dharna. Will MP help Gujarat design by violating law, human rights?

April 2002

April 28, 2002 Narendra modi finds a friend in Digvijay Singh
for illegal increase in Sardar Sarovar height
and for displacing Madhya Pradesh villagers with cash
April 27, 2002 Dharna Continues into the Sixth Day
17 Women begin Indefinite fast
CM Digvijay Singh to meet Representatives tomorrow
April 25, 2002 People Continue Dharna in Bhopal on 25th and ask:
What will Madhya Pradesh Gain and Lose from Sardar Sarovar?
April 24, 2002 Dharna Continues: Talks with NVDA unsatisfactory
People pledge to step up stir if government remains passive
Trade Unions Pledge Support to NBA
April 22, 2002 Representatives from Narmada Valley sit-in at NVDA office in Bhopal
April 16, 2002 Madhya Pradesh Government announces new financial package for Maan dam affected adivasis
Oustees acknowledge that this is a first step but insufficient, insist on land, prepare for satyagraha

April 14, 2002 Day long dharna and fast at Mandleshwar on Ambedkar Jayanthi
April 9, 2002 Attack at Sabarmati Ashram: Result of a Nexus of Communal-Capitalist forces VAJPAYEE AND BJP MUST INSTANTLY REMOVE NARENDRA MODI
April 5, 2002 Madhya Pradesh government jeopardizes public interest in granting in-principle guarantee to Maheshwar project

March 2002

March 18, 2002 Indian People's Tribunal Press Release: Interim report on the resettlement and rehabilitation situation of the Maan project oustees
March 11, 2002 South African Supreme Court Judge Empathises With Narmada Villagers: "Human Values Are Supreme In Any Development"
March 3, 2002 The Finance Minister of Gujarat misguides the house and elected representatives

February 2002

February 27, 2002 Thousands of farmers and adivasis pledge to continue their vigorous fight against the unjust Sardar Sarovar Project (SSP);
Last rites of the insensitive Government carried out in front of Collector office in Badwani;
Thousands throng the streets of Badwani protesting the SSP
February 10, 2002 Jatiya Swears by Justice to Oustees: Narmada Dharna at Social Justice Ministry Ends; No further construction on SSP Dam: NCA for review of resettlement
February 8, 2002 NBA Continues To Watch the Decision on Sardar Sarovar Dam Height
Former Prime Minister Warns Against Further Construction
February 7, 2002 Dharna and demonstration of Narmada people in front of Social Justice Ministry against decision to increase SSP height; Minister Jatiya Assures to Assess Ground Reality and Protect People's Rights and Law
February 6, 2002 Eminent Persons Intervene in the Matter of Narmada Dam NBA issues legal notice to R&R Sub-group of NCA

January 2002

January 29, 2002 NBA & NAPM PARTICIPATES IN 'WORLD SOCIAL FORUM' AGAINST GLOBALIZATION; Medha Patkar Invited as 'Prosecutor' on International People's Tribunal on External Debt
January 28, 2002 Sardar Sarovar dam height cannot be raised! NBA to fight tooth and nail
January 21, 2002 S.Kumars defaults on public money once again, MPSIDC begins legal recovery proceedings under M.P. Public money Act; Recovery to take place from attachment and sale of the properties of Maheshwar Hydro- Electric Project
January 17, 2002 More than thousand Sardar Sarovar affected people stage dharna at Narmada Control Authority (NCA) office in Indore; Sit-in continues tomorrow