NBA Press Release
  07 September 2001
Save The Narmada, Save Humanity!

"It is Ill-Health Of Mrs Amte and Struggle Against Inchampalli Dam That Beckon Me"
Baba Amte condemns distorted reports: Still firm with NBA, opposition to large dams

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" I am leaving Chhoti Kasaravad on the banks of Narmada after eleven years of my stay, mainly to launch the struggle against the proposed Inchampalli dam and due to fragile health of Mrs. Sadhana Amte. However, the centre at Kasaravad, Narmada Lok Biradari will carry on the work for the alternative development. The struggle against the large dams and the Narmada Bachao Andolan are an inalienable part of my life. There will be no change in my relations with the Andolan. Perhaps I may again return to Narmada. The news in some section of media regarding my leaving Narmada are baseless and meaningless," said the veteran Social worker Baba Amte, while leaving for 'Anandvan' in Maharashtra on September 5.

Baba Amte has left for Anandvan due to the feeble condition of Mrs. Amte and also to initiate the struggle against the Inchampalli dam. He reacted sharply to the unsubstantiated news carried by some newspapers and TV channels regarding his leaving the Chhoti Kasaravad. He was given grateful and warm send-off by the people in the Narmada valley, praying for the fast recovery in the health of the unique couple.

In a brief statement issued on the way of his journey he made it clear that, " All the conjectures that I have some differences with NBA or I am leaving after the Supreme Court has given a green signal to the Sardar Sarovar dam or Andolan would suffer a setback after I leave etc. are baseless and meaningless. My relations with the Andolan will be the same, I have criticized the Supreme Court judgement on Narmada and again on the contempt proceedings and lastly I am leaving behind the 'Narmada Lok Biradari', a center for the exploration and training of the alternative development. I may even come back to Narmada, particulalry for the sake of the center. I am sure that the new generation in the Narmada valley will be the protector of the rights of the tribals and their land, water and forests."

Mr. Amte also has expressed his displeasure over the kind of irresponsible reporting in a section of media. While condemning such tendency, he said that, " The conventional weapon to weaken the people's movements by giving distorted news will not work henceforth. The media also should abandon such outdated practices"

Dr. Sugan Baranth
Sanjay Sangvai