NBA Press Release
  12 September 2001
Save The Narmada, Save Humanity!

Maharashtra State Congress Party demands rehabilitation before any further construction

NBA condemns the violence in US

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The President of the Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee, Shri.Govindrao Adhik, declared that until and unless the the rehabilitation of the already affected has been satisfactorily completed there should not be any more construction of the controversial Sardar Sarovar Project. He also said that the state Cogress Party fully support the demand of Narmada Bachao Andolan that the Land Rights of the adivasis (of 73 villages in Akrani Tahsil and many villages in Akkalkua tahsil in Nandurbar district) has to be granted immediately. He advocated for acceptance of the Daud Committee Report in toto and the speedy implementation of its recommendations.

He met a delegation of Narmada Bachao Andolan today (12.9.2001) at the Congress Headquarters, Tilak Bhawan, Mumbai. Medha Patkar, Clifton D'Rozario, Pratibha Shinde, Noorjie Padvi, Kamala Yadav, Pinjaribai, Jordar Pavra and others were part of the delegation. Former Union Finance Minister Madhau Dandavate and senior social activist Minar Pimple were also present during the meeting. The Congress Party were represented by Shri.Govindrao Adhik, the President, Dr.Vijaya Patil, Vice President and other senior officials.

The NBA delegation put the issues of Sardar Sarovar Project in detail and specifically about its implications to the state of Maharashra and its citizens. The delegation raised the issues of Land Rights of the tribals, the corruption in the local level, lack of schools and health facilities in the tribal areas, among others. NBA strongly asked, in this context, what position does the Congress take on the SSP.

Shri. Adhik, while addressing the over two thousand representatives from the Narmada Valley who came to the office of Congress Party to the people about the promises the party has made before the elections, said that this the first experience for them where people come to ask about the election promises.

Shri.Madhu Dandavate, while addressing the people demanded that a coalition committee has to be formed to look into the issues of SSP, the same way it was done for Enron. He expressed full solidarity with the struggle.

A delegation comprising of Shri.N.D.Patil, Chairman of National Democraic Front, Senior political leaders, Smt.Mrinal Gore and Gopal Dukhande met the Rehabilitation Minister of Maharashtra, Shri.Vilasrao Patil and the Minister for state, Rehabilitaion, Shri. Ramrajaya Nimbalkar and demanded the state should take a position that there shouldn't be any more construction on the dam, until the issues of rehabilitation and costs and benefits are resolved.

NBA see the response of the Congres Party as positive. We will keenly watch the actions of the Party and if again faced with betrayal, will strengthen the agitation in the coming days. Accountability to the people by the elected representatives has to be made a must if proper governance is expected by them.

NBA Condemns Violence in USA

NBA is shocked at the tragic events in the United States of America, where thousands of innocent civilians are dead because of violence. We extend our condolences to the families who lost their dear ones. NBA has always denounced violence. While mourning the loss of precious life, we believe the time has come for the world to introspect. If the biggest super power in the world with the most sophisticated military and the most expensive intelligence gathering mechanism can be so vulnerable to attack, surely the emphasis on building weaons of mass destruction as a "deterrent" is absurd. The USA has also been guilty of atrocities in many parts of the world including Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Viet Nam and the Gulf. It also consumes a huge proportion of the world's resources while creating dependence in the rest of the world. Instead of reacting merely in anger to the terrorist attack if a process of introspection begins, with emphasis on reconciliation and dialogue, the world will be able to recover from this moment of madness.

Let us denounce violence in any form by any country.

Joe Athialy
Sukumar M.K.
Clifton D'Rozario