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News in December 2003

December 2003
Selling a watery euphoria; Himanshu Upadhyaya;

December 05, 2003
Narmada water to reach three crore people by 2021, says GWSSB; Business Standard

News in November 2003

November 15, 2003
Raising of Narmada dam height may hit roadblock; The Times of India

November 9, 2003
Development or displacement? Vivek Bendre; The Hindu

November 2003
A Curious Bond; Himanshu Upadhyaya;

News in September 2003

September 10, 2003
Troubled Waters; Meenakshi Ganguly;Time Magazine

September 09, 2003
Suvarnarekha: Major anthropology find reported in India; UPI;

September 04, 2003
Meet the Narmada couple who stayed; The Indian Express

September 04, 2003
Sanghavi refuses felicitation, expose Modi's jingoism; D. V. Maheshwari;The Indian Express

September 03, 2003
Drowned and Out; Shaheen Parkar;Mid Day

News in August 2003

August 23, 2003
Inhabitants of Narmada valley fighting (English/German) ;

August 20, 2003
State Repression in the Narmada Valley; Angana Chatterji;Asian Age

August 2003
My Monsoons; Venu Madhav Govindu;Himal

August 17 2003
Kutchch rains rescue Modi govt ; NDTV News

August 16 2003
Dinosaur gives hope to anti-dam activists ; Gulf News

August 13, 2003
'Rajasaurus' dino species discovered in India; Sify News
New Dinosaur species found in India; Stefan Lovgren;National

August 11 2003
Gujarat becoming police state: Narmada activists ; Ashish Mehta;Indo Asian News Service
No more Narmada water from today; The Indian Express
Govt looks on as Narmada drowns rehab land; Hartosh Singh bal;The Indian Express

August 08, 2003
Activists: Indian villages may be submerged by Dam; Kalyani;Common Dreams: News Centre

August 04, 2003
26 wells, but all is not well here. Ayesha Khan;The Indian Express

August 03, 2003
Defect in construction caused leakage in ISP, says NHDC; The central Chronicle

News in July 2003

July 31, 2003
All arrangements for the safety of displaced (NVDA's false claims); The Central Chronicle

July 30, 2003
2 breaches in Narmada canal, Officials say no more damage; The Indian Express
Water level at Sardar Sarovar Dam above danger mark;
Rain fury abates in Gujarat (3rd breach in Narmada Canal in Surendranagar dist);
Casting the reel; Shradha Sukumaran;The Indian Express

July 29, 2003
Rising Narmada water puts focus back on relief; Indian Express
Govt, seismologists deny damage to Narmada dam; Express India
Three Gujarat districts face flood threat; The Hindu
New national park to accommodate Narmada-hit wildlife; Central Chronicle

July 28, 2003
Narmada dam water nearing danger mark; The Times of India

July 27, 2003
Two quakes hit Narmada, NE regions; The Hindu
Mild temblor rocks Narmada district;
They care about displaced farmers; Express India

July 24, 2003
Panned by Amnesty, govt shuts door on its chief; The Times of India

July 20, 2003
NHEPC to seek foreign funds; Central Chronicle

July 19, 2003
Kids explore school of life; Express India

News in June 2003

June 13
Medha Patkar's demand accepted ; The Hindu

June 10, 2003
"Narmada deadline to be adhered despite monsoon" ;

June 8, 2003
Can Narmada Change Gujarat?; Milind Ghatwai ;The Indian Express

June 07, 2003
Amnesty slams arrest of NBA activists; The Indian Express
Drop charges against Narmada demonstartors: Amnesty ; Press Trust of India

June 05, 2003
Narmada Dam activist arrested; BBC News

June 05, 2003
Govt has accepted NBA's demands: Patkar; Zee

June 03, 2003
Medha Patkar 'deteriorating' on fifth day of fast; PTI;The Hindustan Times

June 02, 2003
Medha Patkar's fast enters fourth day; PTI;The Hindustan Times

June 02, 2003
Ripples in the Rann; Darshan Desai;Outlook

News in May 2003

May 31, 2003
Politics by Pipeline; Dilip D'souza;Rediff on the net

May 31, 2003
Patkar's fast enters second day.; The Hindu

May 30
Medha patkar begins her indefinite fast ; PTI;Hindustan Times
Water in Kutch at cost of eastern region: Amarsinh Chaudhari (leader of oppositi on);
Knotty, or just nutty?; Ashok Mitra;Calcutta Telegraph

May 28
Activist author address Dam / Age at Royce Hall; Sharifah Williams;Daily Bruin

May 26
A Way for the Damned; Prem Shankar Jha;Outlook
Under Siege in the Narmada Valley; Angana Chatterji;Asian Age, New Delhi

May 25, 2003
Celebrating with water (includes statement of J.N. Vyas and Sanat Mehta); Nandini Oza;Deccan Herald

May 22
Medha Patkar continues fast; Deccan Herald
Medha Patkar admitted to ICU;

May 21
Medha Patkar held with 200 supporters at Dy CM's house; HT Correspondent;Hindustan Times
Medha , Dy. CM row ends in her arrest; The Indian Express
Narmada water enters Kutch, but more costs to come, say critics.; Ranjit Devraj;

May 20
Response to Ecomomic Times editorial "Rigid Stance"; Himanshu Upadhyaya;Economic Times

May 19
New Gujarat Governor meets PM: Thanks him for taking personal interest in SSP; The Hindu
Civic Body has sunk Rs 20 M for it but has nothing to show for it: A curious tal e of Sabarmati river; Palak Nandi;The Indian Express

May 18
Violating the spirit; Editorial;The Hindu
Modi releases Narmada water to Kutch District ; The Hindu
Society needs firefighters too: Response to Vaman's response on "Corrupt Politics"; Himanshu Upadhyaya;Outlook

May 16
Work resumes at Sardar Sarovar dam; The Hindu
Rigid Stance; Editorial;The Economic Times
A Corrupt Politics; Medha Patkar;Outlook
Corporates versus the people ; Rajeev Dhavan ;The Hindu
Rs 300 cr ADB loan to bring Narmada waters to Bhopal; Central Chronicle

May 15
Clearance for raising Narmada dam height; The Hindu
SC go-ahead to river linking; Economic Times

May 14
'Conditional' recommendation to raise Narmada dam height; The Hindu

May 11
Narmada water all over, but Gujarat is still thirsty; IANS;Economic Times

May 10
Narmada flow, but Gujarat city still thirsty; Indo-Asian News Service;Hindustan Times

May 07
Documentary on Narmada gets runners up award; Edward Guthman;Sanfrancisco Chronicle

May 04
Ungagging NBA; Sucheta Dalal;The Indian Express

May 02
Here, Narmada water goes down the drain; Masuma Bharmal;The Indian Express

News in April 2003

April 29
Narmada Dam: Drowning out the truth; Daily Times
Dams dry: Trains to bring water; Hiral Dave;The Indian Express

April 28
Premjibhai gets award for work on watershed development; The Indian Express

April 27
In coastal Mangrol, most houses have a kidney stone patient ; Hiral Dave;The Indian Express

April 25
Give us the right to live: patkar; The Indian Express

April 19
State objects to Damanganga - Pinjal riverlinking project; The Indian Express

April 9
RMC pours contaminated water over their joy; The Indian Express

April 7
Rajkot residents rejoice as Narmada flows through their taps; Hiral Dave;The Indian Express
Construction of Bargi division project in full swing; Central Chronicle
Oustees will be ruined if dam is heightened: Medha; The Times of India

April 6
Narmada to soon flow from your taps: AUDA; The Indian Express

April 3
Chudasma to meet Maharashtra minister; Times of India

April 1
Speculations put to rest about construction of NSP; Central Chronicle

News in March 2003

March 31
Shortcomings in Narmada projects; The Times of India

March 30
BHEL to supply equipment to Maheshwar project soon; Central Chronicle
Narmada water flows again, but not into Sabarmati river; The Indian Express

March 27
Medha Patkar criticises river linking proposal; Hindusthan Times

March 25
Sabarmati Rivers Runs Dry; Hindustan Times

March 24
Patkar lends support to Tehri movement; Outlook India

March 23
Faultlines in Kalpasar project: Geologists; The Times of India

March 21
Drying Sabarmati leaves these fish out of water; The Asian Age, through

March 19
State solves VMC water crisis then seeks money; The Asian Age, through

March 14
Maharashtra a stumbling block in SSP; The Times of India
Narmada: Saurashtra's lifeline ; Indian Express
Gujarat, Centre pressure state on dam height; The Times of India

March 13,
Hopes of bank to bank Sabarmati dry up; The Asian Age, through
Permission for Narmada Dam height to be given by April: Chudasma; from

News in February 2003

February 17
MEDA to tap falls, streams for power; Pune Newsline

February 16
Not a drop to drink; Vinod Raina;Midday News

Feburary 15
juice By The River: Diary of a Trip; Dilip D'Souza;Rediff

February 11
Arundhati to join anti-globalisation campaign; Deccan Herald

February 10
NAPM campaign kicked off from Kerala enters Maharashtra;

February 6
Regulate groundwater usage: PM; Economic Times

February 4
Medha Patkar calls for political movement ; The Hindu
Medha stands up for Chennai fishermen; Midday

February 2
Pipe-dream?; The Hindu
Water-wars; The Hindu
The smaller, the better; The HIndu

News in January 2003

January 31
Proposal to link rivers a 'waste of money', says Medha Patkar; Outlook India
Ministries fight over watershed plans; The Times of India
Experts raise doubts about river-linking project ; The Hindu

January 30
Kerala: Rousing reception to Medha Patkar's march ;
Medha warns against plunder of natural resources ; The Hindu

January 29
Current of Patriotism: Thousand Points of Light in Bilgaon; Dilip D'Souza;Times of India

January 20
Coffers empty, but SSP needs Rs 16500 cr;

January 10
Modi seeks higher crude oil royalty;

January 9
Centre to help Gujarat implement Sardar Sarovar Project; Outlook India

January 1
Govt refutes NBA charges on Maheshwar project; Central Chronicle

News in December 2002

December 31
Expect new power projects during 2003'; Central Chronicle

December 27
Cong to take up power issue to public; Central Chronicle

December 26
Law will take it's own course in riots : Modi ; Manas Dasgupta;The Hindu

December 25
Modi in governance mode, talks of development plan; The Economic Times

December 16
A Positive Mandate: Says BJP (While South and Central Gujarat voted for ruling party, the whole Saurashtra region rejected them); Joydeep Ray;Business Standard

December 15
Power generation at Indira Sagar from next year Central Chronicle

December 13
Economics of Water: Sardar Sarovar's Promise a Mirage; Himanshu Upadhyaya;The Times of India
People power: here it's about power and water shortage;

December 12
National Park case still not sent for center's node; Central Chronicle

December 11
Arid Politics; The Times of India

December 9
Water a key issue in Gujarat polls ; Sify News

December 8
Energy & roads problem areas, says Digvijay Singh; The Economic Times
Bandh against power hike evokes mixed response in Jabalpur; Outlook India
Water is the issue in Rajkot - 2 ; R. Swaminathan;

December 7
Focus on development, will win: Keshubhai; Economic Times
9 down, looking at another 6; Central Chronicle
Singh says it all through Economics ;

December 6
Talk water, then safety: BJP land;
Tehri Dam oustees stage dharna; Outlook India

December 5
Narmada dam height remains contentious issue; The Times of India

December 3
Interlinking Mirages Medha Patkar and LS Arvinda; The Hindu

December 2
Modi kicks off Eleventh phase of Gaurav Yatra; Outlook India

December 1
Sardar Sarovar Project, a political lifeline; The Hindu

News in November 2002

November 29
Congress for Probe, Peace, Security ;
Patkar sentenced a fine of Rs. 100; PTI;Mid Day
Patel kicks off BJP campaign projecting Modi as Chief Minister ; Outlook India

November 28
Delays force foreign investors to pull out of power projects; Rediff

November 27
Modi Cheating People : Says Medha; UNI;SIFY News

November 22
High powered panel finds Tehri dam safe; The Times of India

November 18
Sardar Sarovar Being Treated as National Project, Says Government; Outlook India

November 16
Rs 743.56 crore supplementary budget tabled in House (Note the provision for Madhya Pradesh's share to SSP); Central Chronicle

November 15
Hindutva? How about water and power; Sudhir Vyas;Times of India

November 8
Times Samvaad (dialogue) : Rivers of Discord; B. G. Verghese and Ramaswamy R. Iyer;The Times of India
Ten hydel power projects are under construction in MP; Central Chronicle

November 7
Work on TTD's sub-surface dams apace The Hindu
NGOs plan protest against power tariff hike Deccan Herald

November 3
IFCI to tighten screws on defaulters; Hindustan Times

November 1
Inter-linking of rivers under serious consideration: Vajpayee; Outlook India

News in October 2002

October 31
SC asks Centre to consider linking major rivers by 2012; Outlook India
Politicking over Tehri dam Deccan Herald

October 30
Gujarat debentures, bonds downgraded; The Economic Times

October 29
BJP to turn Gaurav Yatra into poll juggernaut; The Times of India
Govt in the dark about Narmada; The Times of India

October 27
Voices to be heard Deccan Herald
Black flags greet Modi in Kutch The Hindu
Book Review: The Narmada dammed Deccan Herald

October 26
Get DDA Flat now, Water later Hindustan Times

October 25
First Narmada valley project dedicated despite protest; Central Chronicle

October 23
The Narmada dammed; Sucheta Dalal;Rediff

October 22
Drought as teacher The Hindu

October 22
Straight Answers; The Times of India

October 20
Rs 3.42 cr MPSEB scheme for oustees approved; Central Chronicle

October 19
Modi charges Cong with failure on development of rural areas; Outlook India

October 18
Modi blames Cong for delay in Narmada project; The Times of India
Water ministry pays lip service to people's participation The Hindu
MP Govt runs out of ideas on use of gas victims fund Hindustan Times

October 17
Interlinking of rivers will meet major irrigation needs Deccan Herald

October 14
What A Lovely Water War!; Dilip D'Souza;Rediff India

October 13
Questions over setting up 'pani panchayats' The Hindu
Rivers of Dispute Gargi Parsai;The Hindu
CM orders review of Narmada project; The Times of India

October 11
Medha Patkar not averse to enter electoral politics; Outlook India
Social activists to launch jan andolan; Outlook India
Paying for Progress Deccan Herald

October 8
Gas Relief Committee rejects diversion of UCC funds; Central Chronicle

October 6
Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam launches Rs.300 cr bonds; Economic Times

October 4
Plan to link up major rivers; The Hindu

October 1
Dam oustees still awaiting rehabilitation; The Hindu
Coping up; Deccan Herald
Tehri dam oustees postpone agitation; Outlook India

Newsclippings in 2002