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News in August 2001

August 31
Villagers damn Water Man's dam Times of India
Medha Patkar flays SC notice to Arundhati Roy The Hindu
Not everything is comtemptible Letters to the Editor; The Telegraph

August 30
Doing The Atrophy; Dilip D'souza; - Aug 30 2001
Medha flays SC's directive Hindustan Times
The water man of Rajasthan; Frontline - Volume 18 - Issue 17, Aug. 18 - 31, 2001

August 29
NBA, Sardar Sarovar oustees begin indefinite dharna in Bhopal
Patkar, Amte criticise SC order on Roy
SC slams notice on Roy, spares Patkar Indian Express
SC notice to Arundathi Roy The Hindu
Medha Patkar let off; Arundhati get SC's contempt notice Deccan Herald
SC issues Arundhati fresh notice for 'derogatory' remarks Hindustan Times
Medha flays SC's directive Hindustan Times

August 28
SC issues show cause notice to Arundhati;
Legal challenge for top author; BBC News
Prize-winning Indian author faces fresh legal woes; Planet Ark Environmental News
SC issues contempt notice to Arundhati Roy; Times of India
SC issues notice to Arundhati Hindustan Times
Save our schools, cry Narmada children The Hindu
Gujarat ministers embarrass - and are embarrassed; Times of India

August 27
Of contempt and punishment: the times are a-changing; Rakesh Shukla; Tehelka
Gujarat quake a shiver Hindustan Times

August 26
Check dams turn Gujarat fertile Economic Times

August 25
Govt denies visas to foreign supporters of Narmada movement;
President promises Narmada kids support for survival;
It is never too late to stop the dam: Arundhati Roy The Hindu
NBA's yatra of kids draws flak for rights abuse Deccan Herald
Narmada kids pour out their hearts Hindustan Times
Ground realities in the Narmada Valley; L S Aravinda; Economic and Political Weekly, August 25, 2001

August 24
Kids of Narmada valley plead for their future;
Narmada team take protest to President The Hindu

August 23
N Gujarat's tribals now demand Narmada water Times of India
CM hails Saurashtra for building check dams Times of India
Contempt and punishment: the times are changing Rakesh Shukla; Times of India
It is Roy's tirade, not cause Manoj Mitta, Editorial; Indian Express
     Contradictory Himanshu Thakkar; Letters to the Editor; Indian Experss; September 1

August 22
Rally by Narmada's children The Hindu

August 21
Tunga Bhadra campaign is people?s movement: URA Deccan Herald

August 20
Children to request President to visit Narmada Valley Rediff on the Net
Now big dam reaches height of trouble Indian Express
Bhel bags Rs 540-cr Maheshwar project contract Economic Times
Politicians push project as oustees face submergence The Hindu
Digvijay's nod for dam The Hindu
'Supply of water is a fundamental right' Times of India
Water for Rajasthan by June 2004 The Hindu
Of contempt and legitimate dissent V.Venkatesan; Sukumar Muralidharan; Frontline; Volume 18 - Issue 17, Aug. 18 - 31, 2001
Diva Of Contempt; Sumit Mitra;India Today - 20 Aug 2001

August 19
Narmada level receding The Hindu
Industry captains join hands with 'Water Man' Times of India
Panel wants to resettle families before raising dam height The Hindu

August 18
Narmada valley children to invite President The Hindu
Deserving winner Times of India

August 15
'Water Man' violated law, says minister Times of India
Bad Precedent Letters to the Editor; Times of India

August 14
WCD report: a framework for underdevelopment? M.S.Menon, Former Chief Engineer, Central Water Commission; The Hindu
Dams & quakes R.Ashok Kumar; The Hindu
Gagging dissent with entry ban Times of India
India faces serious water problems Deccan Herald

August 13
'NBA activists harassing local villagers' Times of India

August 12
Nature, Narmada betray Medha The Telegraph
     Neither waiving, nor drowning Letters to the Editor; August 15; The Telegraph
Panel flays poor rehabilitation of Sarovar dam oustees Deccan Herald
Rushdie backs Medha, Roy Deccan Herald
I was called a dacoit, terrorist and fraud Rajinder Singh; Hindustan Times

August 11
U.N. official calls for halt to Narmada dam work The Hindu
Cause Celebre Editorial; Times of India
     Bigoted Outburst Jharana Jhaveri, Letters to the Editor; Times of India, August 22, 2001
     Response by Medha Patkar
Mangu's wisdom, Magsaysay's reward Times of India
Interpreting Narmada Judgment; Mathew John; Economic and Political Weekly, August 11, 2001

August 10
'Tribals pay heavy price for Sarovar project' Vidyadhar Date; Times of India
Gujarat blames MP for Narmada deadlock Times of India

August 9
Destiny in their hands Letters to the Editor; The Telegraph

August 8
A Foolish Dam and a Writer's Freedom Salman Rushdie; New York Times
Poor rains not the only cause of water scarcity Times of India

August 7
Involve NBA in rehabilitation of dam oustees: report The Hindu
Rushdie backs NBA activists; Times of India
Water man calls for corporate funding; Times of India

August 6
Regional divisions emerge over Narmada water issue; Times of India
For Alwar villagers, it was a long, hard fight; Times of India
Vyas demands action against Medha, Roy; Times of India
Gujarat warned of impending rains; Times of India
Waterman's achievement Letters to the Editor; Hindustan Times

August 5
Oustees not yet resettled properly The Hindu
Mud check dams solved Alwar's water problem; Times of India
Community in conservation Deccan Herald
The human right to life Bittu Sahgal; Deccan Herald

August 4
One more indictment; Lyla Bavadam;Frontline - Volume 18 - Issue 16, Aug. 04 - 17, 2001
Concern over denial of visas to NBA's supporters The Hindu
Monsoons bring solace to parched lands; Times of India

August 3
Patkar, Roy 'dare' SC to arrest them Indian Express
Medha, Arundhati dare SC to take action against them Deccan Herald
Arundhati, Medha dare SC to act against them Hindustan Times
SC reserves order on plea against Arundhati Roy The Hindu
SC takes exception to Arundhati Roy's affidavit The Hindu
Hearing of cases in SC open to public<.a> Deccan Herald
Dangs has dams aplenty, no water Indian Express
NHPC is among the top 10 companies Economic Times

August 2
NBA activists undertake relay fasting; Times of India
SC hearings now open to public; Times of India
Patkar, Roy dare SC to jail them for contempt; Times of India
Medha, Arundhati dare SC to proceed against them;
Is the Supreme Court a Hindu widow?; Shoma Chaudhury;
Unsound proposal; Editorial; Deccan Herald
Future liquidity; Editorial; Indian Express
Curtailing freedom?; Letters to the Editor; The Hindu
Watered down Letters to the Editor; The Telegraph

August 1
Indigenous Day of Action Highlights Dam Projects; Independent Media Center (Indymedia)
Radio Interview with Arundhati Roy about the Supreme Court case; BBC Radio
Honour for the 'man of check-dams'; Sunny Sebastian; The Hindu
A quiet revolution; Editorial; Hindustan Times
     Waterman's achievement Letters to the Editor; Hindustan Times
Salute the water man; Editorial; Economic Times
Accolades rain on water man; Times of India

News in July 2001

July 31
Effects of the Narmada verdict; Jai Sen;The Hindu
     Curtailing freedom?; Letters to the Editor; The Hindu; August 2

July 30
Rajendra Singh bags Magsasay award; Rediff on the Net
Magsaysay for water man Rajendra Singh; Times of India

July 28
Dam buster; The Guardian

July 26
The Sand Between Two Dams; Dilip D'Souza;

July 25
Bhel bags Rs 525-cr order for S Kumars' project Economic Times
The Price of Development Rohan D'Souza; The Telegraph
Coping with the trauma; Letters to the Editor; Indian Express

July 24
Large dams needed in South India, says study Times of India
Renewed 'Save Silent Valley' call The Hindu

July 23
Saving Silent Valley Bittu Sehgal; Letters to the Editor; The Hindu

July 22
Civil disobedience in Umbergaon; Rajni Bakshi; The Hindu

July 21
Against a people's movement; Ashish Kothari;Frontline - Volume 18 - Issue 15, Jul. 21 - Aug. 03, 2001
Right to development as a human right; Arjun Sengupta; Economic and Political Weekly, July 21, 2001
Justice Daud Report; Clifton D'Rozario; Letters to the Editor; Economic and Political Weekly, July 21, 2001

July 20
Kings turn paupers; Editorial; Indian Express
Silent Valley Project to be revived; The Hindu
50 lakh people affected in Orissa floods; The Hindu

July 19
'I have a dream to make all the villages in Rajasthan drought-proof'; Interview with Rajendra Singh of Tarun Bharat Sangh;, July 19, 2001
Damming evidence: Sardar Sarovar committee vindicates the NBA; Shamya Dasgupta;

July 18
Farmers lay siege at Rajkot Times of India

July 17
Mehta appeals MP to cooperate in Narmada resettlement; Central Chronicle - Tuesday July 17, 2001
A new phase of resistance; Lyla Bavadam;Frontline - Volume 18 - Issue 14, July. 07 - 20, 2001
Humps and fears; V Venkatesan;Frontline - Volume 18 - Issue 14, July. 07 - 20, 2001

July 16
Damodar siltation caused floods in lower Bengal Times of India
Judgement Day in Supreme Court: Adivasis vs the State;

July 13
48 dams in Saurashtra getting fresh rainwater Times of India

July 12
Infuriated Rajasthan government comes down hard on rainwater harvesting Arnab Pratim Dutta;

July 11
Monsoon eases water, power shortage in Gujarat The Hindu
Orissa flood situation grim Hindustan Times
DVC explains rationale behind water release Times of India
Amte launches satyagraha against SSP Times of India
Rain-lashed Gujarat still drinks from tankers Indian Express

July 10
Amte invites President to Narmada valley Hindustan Times
Rains fail to revive hydro power stations Times of India

July 09
Zero Tolerance Zone India Today

July 08
Moderate rains in 15 districts Times of India
The seven N-E sisters who fight and live together Nirmalya Banerjee; Times of India

July 7
NBA activists in satyagraha huts The Hindu
Uttarakhand: Micro Power: User- Friendly and Efficient; Rakesh Agrawal; Economic and Political Weekly, July 7, 2001

July 06
Pakistan: Drought stroles as the Indus river slowly dries up Bhavna Vij; Indian Express

July 05
NBA activists to begin 'Satyagraha' (Video Report: Realmedia file - 28K) link from Times of India
NBA activists to begin 'Satyagraha' (Video Report: Realmedia file - 56K) link from Times of India
Breaking an African mould<.a> Deccan Herald

July 04
Lift water cut, BJP tells Rajkot mayor Times of India

July 03
Debate on dams The Hindu
Checkdams in Jamnagar help to recharge groundwater Times of India
NBA flays Cong, BJP move seeking ban Deccan Herald
Villagers build check dam, Govt wants to demolish it Vibha Sharma; Hindustan Times

July 01
Water down the drain Times of India
Rivers;   Narmada Diary; Sunday Folio, The Hindu

News in June 2001

June 30
Monsoon spells terror of 800 mm Times of India
Rains ease water crisis in Gujarat areas Times of India
Hump controversy takes new turn Times of India
Nine reservoirs in Saurashtra fill to brim Times of India

June 29
Big dam threat R L Kanak;Deccan Herald

June 28
Materially, oustees long to belong Indian Express
     Coping with the trauma; Letters to the Editor;Indian Express - July 25
Dry spell causes concern; 50 talukas hit in Saurashtra Times of India

June 27
Don't cry for us NBA, say resettled oustees Indian Express
Patel plans mega publicity blitz on "success" of Narmada dam Deccan Herald

June 26
At 90 metres, Narmada dam not yet over the hump Indian Express

June 25
Water harvesting transforms Rajasthan villages Deccan Herald

June 24
Public money down the drain? Rajni Bakshi; The Hindu
From micro to macro level; Medha Patkar chats with Kamaan Singh; Deccan Herald, June 24, 2001
Medha and the struggle; Deccan Herald, June 24, 2001

June 23
Man dam threaten submergence; Hundreds of MP tribals to stage protest from July 2 Deccan Herald
Fear in the forests; Lyla Bavadam;Frontline - Volume 18 - Issue 13, Jun. 23 - Jul. 06, 2001
World Commission on Dams and India: Analysis of A Relationship Ramaswamy R Iyer; Economic and Political Weekly, June 23, 2001
WWF blames dams for floods Times of India

June 22
Roy favours dismantling of "unviable" Kerala barrage Indian Express

June 21
Dam Truths Himanshu Thakkar, SANDRP (South Asian Network on Dams, Rivers, and People); Letters to the Editor; Times of India
Gujarat wakes up and smells the rain Indian Express
Rains end two-year Gujarat drought Hindustan Times

June 20
The Maheshwar Project: Getting to the root of the matter Sucheta Dalal; Rediff on the Net

June 20
Pratappura reservoir wall collapses, 30 missing Zee News

June 18
Narmada dam to be completed despite obstacles: Keshubhai Indian Express

June 17
The height of inaccuracy Ravi Kuchimanchi; The Hindu
Pro-Narmada organisation launched The Hindu
The rivers runs through Manu Bhatnagar; Economic Times
Water Scene Laeeg Futehally; Deccan Herald

June 16
Bhel may bail out S Kumars' power project Economic Times
Tatas to raise Rs 500 cr for power acquisitions Hindustan Times

June 15
PIL on construction of big dams dismissed Deccan Herald
SSP will be another Enron for Maharashtra: NBA Deccan Herald

June 14
Ex-CBI officer's plea against big dams dismissed Times of India
Medha Patkar calls for 'people's struggle' The Hindu

June 13
Dam and Dialogue A.C.Tyagi, Commissioner, Ministry of Water Resources; Letters to the Editor; Times of India
     Dam Truths Himanshu Thakkar, SANDRP (South Asian Network on Dams, Rivers, and People); Letters to the Editor; June 21; Times of India

June 11
The End Of Thirst; Soma Wadhwa;Outlook - Issue dated June 18, 2001
The Battle Against Dry Taps; Outlook - Issue dated June 18, 2001
Eighth Day Of Creation; Outlook - Issue dated June 18, 2001

June 8
Former cop files PIL against construction of big dams Deccan Herald

June 7
Big Dams are no good Darryl D'Monte;

June 6
Eat this planet Shripad Dharmadhikary; Opinion, Hindustan Times

June 4
FIs not to loan IPPs till Enron issue is resolved Economic Times

June 3
Gujarat unable to pay contractors for canal project Indian Express

June 2
NBA protests against funding of Maheshwar dam Times of India
NBA serves legal notices to IFCI for Maheshwar Times of India
In the Spaces of Erasure: Globalisation, Resistance and Narmada River Pablo Kala; EPW Special Articles - Part A
In the Spaces of Erasure: Globalisation, Resistance and Narmada River Pablo Kala; EPW Special Articles - Part B

Newsclippings till May 2001