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News in December 2001

December 31
Whither environmental protest Harsh Sethi; The Hindu
Halt Tehri dam project: report The Tribune

December 30
Displaced and jobless Deccan Herald

December 29
Shabana Azmi on Medha Patkar Times of India
Vandana Shiva on Arundhati Roy Times of India

December 28
Small step, big solution Deccan Herald

December 26
Pollution no concern in Gujarat's industrialisation Times of India

December 25
NHPC pulls out of Koel-Karo project Hindustan Times
NHPC to increase power generation capacity The Tribune

December 21
Damned for life Editorial; The Tribune
Nathpa-Jhakri asked for it Deccan Herald

December 20
NBA refutes media reports on 'unlawful activities' Times of India
Security stepped up at Narmada dam site Times of India

December 19
Massive Govt fund misuse unearthed in Gujarat Hindu Business Line
People in Tehri renew agitation Deccan Herald
Batuk Vora Water: A railway-made crisis this time Times of India
World Bank halts $437-mn NJPC loan Indian Express

December 18
Govt apathy may delay Kalpasar project Times of India

December 17
Tehri residents fight their last battle Hindustan Times

December 16
Changing the rules midstream Supriya Roy Chowdhury; The Hindu
Natl Water Policy will benefit only MNCs Deccan Herald
Light at the end of the tunnel? Deccan Herald
State govt. committed to Kalpsar project Times of India

December 15
Gujarat HC asks Centre to consider banning NBA The Hindu

December 12
Tehri residents begin fast The Hindu

December 11
Gloom over Tehri town Deccan Herald
Time bomb called Tehri dam Hindustan Times

December 10
No tears, Tehri drones in anger before deluge Indian Express

December 8
Water enters Tehri town The Hindu
India goes ahead with Tehri dam BBC Online
Tehri residents struggling to stay afloat Hindustan Times

December 7
Diversion tunnels of Tehri project closed Deccan Herald
And the Bhagirathi stopped flowing Hindustan Times
Rights and Wrongs Frontline; Volume 18, Issue 25, Dec 8-21, 2001
Gujarat will need to resettle 1,597 families Times of India

December 6
Silently, Tehri slips into its key phase Indian Express
Dam oustees await rehabilitation The Tribune
Travails of displacement The Daily Excelsior

December 5
Will spiralling costs sink SSP? Hindu Business Line
Ranking Study Report for the Development of Hydro-Electric Potential Government of India Press Release

December 4
Hydro 2001 to discuss big dams Times of India

December 4
Silt behind dams 'worsens water shortage' BBC Online

December 3
Gujarat to give cash compensation to Narmada oustees Times of India
6 Tehri dam panels closed The Hindu
Fishy tales of displacement Hindustan Times

December 2
State approves Rs.2400-cr irrigation project Times of India

December 1
A letter comes from MP Dilip D'Souza; Rediff on the Net
Two tunnels of Tehri project to be shut down Deccan Herald

News in November 2001

November 30
NJPC chief blames delay on CEA, CWC The Tribune

November 29
Govt moots public investment in power sector Times of India

November 27
Construction of Big Dams Government of India Press Release
Cong. stand on Narmada criticised The Hindu

November 26
39 pc land waterlogged Times of India

November 24
Firm files libel suit against NBA Times of India

November 23
Rajkot plans to seek Narmada waters Times of India

November 21
LNJ Bhilwara seeks Rs.600 cr loan Times of India

November 19
NBA may move court against govt on loan Times of India

November 18
Narmada waters have recharged Sabarmati French-wells Times of India

November 14
Digvijay for giving cash compensation to dam oustees The Hindu
PM to decide on closing key tunnels of Tehri dam<.a> Deccan Herald

November 13
Setback for State on Narmada front Times of India
Waiting ... Deccan Herald

November 8
CARE downgrades Narmada bond issue Times of India
Vyas dubs pipeline water project an 'impractical dream' Times of India

November 6
NBA demands land and not cash compensation Deccan Herald

November 5
New Hydro power policy on anvil: Prabhu Deccan Herald

November 1
Centre to rope in Magsaysay winner Indian Express
Bharucha takes over as Chief Justice The Hindustan Times
SP Bharucha sworn in as CJI Times of India

News in October 2001

October 30
Counter propaganda against SSP: Modi Times of India
SC dismisses Roy plea, charges stay Indian Express
SC won't drop case against Arundhati The Hindu
SC dissatisfied with Arundhati's reply, to hear contempt case<.a> Deccan Herald
SC refuses to drop contempt move against Arundhati Hindustan Times
Large dams and the twin towers The Hindu

October 29
SC rejects Arundhati plea, refuses to drop contempt case Times of India
Cong rally, govt claims to mark Sardar Jayanti at Kevadiya Times of India
Seven year itch Times of India

October 28
Water-harvesting wizards Deccan Herald

October 28
Rs. 7268-cr annual plan outlay for Gujarat finalised Times of India

October 21
A fight against odds Rajni Bakshi; The Hindu
NBA protests seeking review of SC verdict The Hindu
Ray of hope Deccan Herald
Corporate greens Bittu Sehgal; Green Talk; Deccan Herald

October 20
State to pay Rs 239 cr compensation to PAPs Times of India

October 19
Why They Call It a Black Day Dilip D'Souza;

October 18
Protest against SC order in Narmada case Times of India
NBA alleges diversion of funds The Hindu

October 17
HC asks Centre to state stand in Narmada case Times of India

October 16
Cong embarks on Narmada Jal yatra Times of India

October 13
A victory for the NBA; Anupama Katakam;Frontline - Volume 18 - Issue 21, Oct. 13 - 26, 2001
Truth as defence; V.Venkatesan;Frontline - Volume 18 - Issue 21, Oct. 13 - 26, 2001

October 10
High Court issues notice in tribal land sale case Times of India

October 7
Away from bash, Congress girds up its loins Times of India

October 4
State's responsibility L.S.Aravinda; Letters to the Editor; The Hindu

October 1
GAU undertakes research for SSP Times of India

News in September 2001

September 29
Blackout blame on Medha The Telegraph

September 28
Medha Patkar ends fast The Hindu
Govt concedes NBA demands, Medha breaks fast Times of India

September 27
Medha Patkar to await clarifications The Hindu
Surplus water stored for summer released Times of India

September 26
Maharashtra offer to Patkar The Hindu
     State's responsibility L.S.Aravinda; Letters to the Editor; The Hindu; October 4, 2001

September 23
How much do the people know all the facts? Arun Ghosh; Mainstream, September 23

September 21
Hunger strike will continue, says Medha Deccan Herald
Decision on land rights in 4 days, CM tells NBA Times of India

September 18
Medha Patkar resorts to indefinite fast The Hindu
From the affidavit; Frontline - Volume 18 - Issue 19, Sep. 15 - 28, 2001
Dubious justice; V. Venkatesan;Frontline - Volume 18 - Issue 19, Sep. 15 - 28, 2001
The right to dissent : Letter to the editor; P.J.J. Antony;Forntline - Volume 18 - Issue 19, Sep. 15 - 28, 2001

September 17
Different versions on why Baba Amte left ashram; Times of India
Judging judgments; Letters to the Editor; The Hindu

September 15
NBA threatens to go on a fast Times of India

September 14
Kirloskar Bros bags new orders worth Rs 519cr Economic Times
Govt.has no land to resettle SSP oustees, says DF panel convener Times of India

September 11
WCD report -- response to a misreading Prof S.Parasuraman; The Hindu

September 10
'Amte misguiding locals on Ichampally dam' Times of India

September 7
A little bit of India on the banks of the Yangtze Indian Express
Nature comes to rescue to reverse salinity ingress Times of India

September 5
Experts for clearance to mega projects after environmental impact studies The Hindu
Judges in their own cause - II Prashant Bhushan; The Hindu

September 4
Chipko villages oppose power project through Tehri forests Indian Express
Judges in their own cause Part I, Part II Prashant Bhushan; The Hindu
Families displaced by major projects: 'Provide good rehabilitation package' Deccan herald

September 3
Prepare action plan for Narmada project, says CM Times of India

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