An Appeal by Baba Amte

Earthquake respects no border. Huge pools and ponds of human mass misery are created by it. Every citizen should be heart-warming by being sympathetic to this cause. I am issuing this polite and convincing appeal to the youths of the country to step towards the sum of crisis with your belief as a skin. There is a chance to find one's humanhood. Never slacken your pace. Never loose your enthusiasm. Human aspect always outshine the commercial. The human being has a supreme value. Whole human family is our tribe. Earth, our homeland! Ride in the whirlwind and direct the storm.

Prayerful preparation and considered action is needed for this rehabilitation crusade. It is a national calamity. The whole budget of the nation is in a climate of crisis. Citizens must rush with a throbbing heart and healing hands. This is the time when you can't afford to ignore the itch of your conscience. These words come endowed with a quality of healing because they come from a sincere heart.

Such a vismajor can visit anybody and uproot him from natural surroundings, peace and prosperity.

Similarly a human action towards pseudo-development can cause martyrdom of thousands and millions of innocent people.

Let's be cautions of this indecent haste of the civilization in a hurry.

No charity should humiliate those who receive it. The work in Gujarat should be carried not as mere charity but crusade of rehabilitation by people, government, every citizen of the world. Full effort is full victory.

Baba Amte