Photographs from Dewas, Madhya Pradesh

Photographs © Jan Sangharsh Morcha, taken by Shamim Meghani

On 2nd April, 2001, at least four adivasis (tribals) were killed in Mehendikheda village of Dewas district of Madhya Pradesh. A number of investigative teams visited Dewas and compiled reports of police atrocities. On this page, we present photographs taken by members of Jan Sangharsh Morcha. Reports and other information about this issue can be accessed from the page devoted to the Dewas killings.

House destroyed : In Jamasindh. Mansingh Borla's house being constructed under the Indira Awas Yojana was completely destroyed. (Shrilata Swaminathan's report mentions more)

Phundabai's bull with a bullet wound (the bullet went through!), in Jamasindh

House destroyed in Jamasindh, food grains and water poisoned

Dayabai's house in Chainpura, on 5th April people were threatened that the authorities would come on the 7th (the day we visited) and demolish the houses. The people were "advised" to pack their belongings and remove them. You can see the packed material in the picture

Our team saw logs lying by the roadside near Jamasindh. Villagers reported that after the firing they were told to leave wood by the roadside failing which the police and forest officials would demolish their houses. Essentially the authorities were trying to "procure" wood from the villages to show that there was a lot of illegal felling going on

Broken Pestle : Many household goods were destroyed. The floor is littered with broken tiles of the roof.

Fearing an attack by the authorities, the people of village Potla blocked the road with logs. It was quite late and we could not visit Potla as a result of this road-block.

Parents of Balaram (who was killed) : Rehedibai and Jerma

Children of these women were missing (in Jamasindh)

Rahabai of Chainpura, was beaten up by the police on Rang Panchami