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River and Life

The story of a historic and tenacious people's movement,
the Narmada Bachao Andolan

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We are shortly publishing Sanjay Sangvai's book, 'The River and Life: People's Struggle in the Narmada Valley'. A reproduction of the back-jacket text of the book is given below, for your information. As you are aware, this people's movement has fought many battles, and won a number of them. (eg: being the first to force the World Bank to review its project and withdraw from it). The larger struggle, however -- for justice and ecologically sane development -- continues, with many challenges ahead, on many fronts.

The book provides a comprehensive over-view of the key issues, and the history of this path-breaking movement over the last 15 years. The book is expected to be out by mid-July, 2000. It is proposed to be priced at Rs 150 (within India) and $12 (outside India).

As a special pre-publication offer, the book will be available at a substantially lower price of Rs 100 per copy (within India) and $10 per copy (outside India) -- for those who send in their orders along with payment by 30th July, 2000. (Packing and postage will be free.)

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The River and Life

Sanjay Sangvai

At the threshold of the new millennium, a number of people's movements have been challenging the present, inherently destructive model of 'development'. Theirs is a non-violent mass struggle based on conscientious civil resistance.

One such major, popular movement in post-Independence India -- the Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA) -- has brought into focus serious issues regarding the paradigm and planning of 'development projects'. It has exposed the fraud, deceit and suppression perpetrated in the name of 'public purpose' and 'national interest', while indicating too, along with many other such movements, alternative path of just, humane and sustainable development, rooted in a truly democratic polity.

This book attempts to provide an outline of the historical background, core issues and formative processes of this multi-pronged and tenacious people's movement in the Third World. It is an empathetic and honest portrayal of the efforts of a movement in a complex context, depicting the larger canvas in which it has been operating. The NBA, like most other movements in India, has long felt the need of communicating its issues and struggles in a clear and comprehensive manner. This assumes greater urgency in the present era of hegemony of national-multinational capital and its erosive 'developmental' paradigm -- undermining all human rights and democratic values, usurping the resources of the people, and devastating the environment.

Sanjay Sangvai, a journalist with a Master's degree in Politics has been writing about the issues and politics of the NBA and other people's movements in India in English, Hindi and Marathi. He worked as a lecturer in University of Pune before joining the NBA as a full-time activist from 1989.

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