Narmada Samachar: 20 September 2001


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Struggle goes to Mumbai

Betrayal by Maharashtra Government?
NBA Press Release - September 21

Indefinite fast continues into the 4th day;
Government considers position of no further construction;
NBA Press Release - September 20

"Land Rights will be granted" says Chief Minister;
Government will take a pro-adivasi stand on Jst Daud Committee
NBA Press Release - September 19

Illegal and Unjust Attempt to Alter SSP Oustees' Provisions for Rehabilitation;
Relay Fast Continues the Second Day at Mumbai
NBA Press Release - September 15

Shri Ashok Chauhan will ensure that no alienation of adivasis' rights
will be allowed; Promises to settle land rights in the Narmada Valley
NBA Press Release - September 14

Activists Including Medha Patkar to go on Fast,
People Determined; the Struggle will be Intensified
NBA Press Release - September 13

Maharashtra State Congress Party demands rehabilitation before
any further construction; NBA condemns the violence in US
NBA Press Release - September 11

People Confront the Unaccountable Elected Representatives;
Adivasis from the Narmada Valley in Bombay for an Indefinite Mass Action;
No Rehabilitation, No dam!!
NBA Press Release - September 11

NBA threatens to go on a fast ;
Times of India - September 15

Govt.has no land to resettle SSP oustees, says DF panel convener ;
Times of India - September 14

Narmada Bachao Andolan and Friends of River Narmada condemn the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington D.C.

NBA's statement

From the Press Release of September 12 at:

NBA is shocked at the tragic events in the United States of America, where thousands of innocent civilians are dead because of violence. We extend our condolences to the families who lost their dear ones. NBA has always denounced violence. While mourning the loss of precious life, we believe the time has come for the world to introspect. If the biggest super power in the world with the most sophisticated military and the most expensive intelligence gathering mechanism can be so vulnerable to attack, surely the emphasis on building weaons of mass destruction as a "deterrent" is absurd. The USA has also been guilty of atrocities in many parts of the world including Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Viet Nam and the Gulf. It also consumes a huge proportion of the world's resources while creating dependence in the rest of the world. Instead of reacting merely in anger to the terrorist attack if a process of introspection begins, with emphasis on reconciliation and dialogue, the world will be able to recover from this moment of madness.

Let us denounce violence in any form by any country.

Statement by Friends of River Narmada

The Friends of River Narmada condemns the violent attacks and mass murder at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and near Pittsburgh, PA on September 11th. That act of terror was a crime against humanity. Many people have been affected by the events directly and indirectly through personal losses or those of friends, relatives, co-workers, and acquaintances. To all of those thus affected, here in the US and everywhere across the world, we offer our condolences and express our solidarity.

The anguish and rage being felt by many deeply affected by this tragedy is understandable. However, at the same time, we feel that reacting to the situation on the basis of this rage and anguish will be truly tragic for the world at large. We believe that a violent response to the events in an attempt to root out terrorism will only worsen the problem and continue the cycle of violence.

These are trying times for everyone that test our resolve, convictions, ideologies, and moral courage. It is in such trying times that we need to be strong and assert a respect for all human life. Consequently, we urge everyone to search out peaceful ways of responding to the situation. The problems of terrorism that face us are truly global and therefore, the struggle against terrorism (of all kinds, whether conducted by individuals, groups, or by nations) must be conducted by engaging the wider global community and global institutions.

Moreover, we believe that there is a historical context for everything that happens in the world. Therefore, any long-term realistic solutions to the problem will need an examination of the historical context and the role of the US and other countries in leading up to the current tragedy.

Further, we also call upon all to rally around in support of ethnic groups who are being attacked in the aftermath of the tragedy. Targetting entire ethnic groups for the acts committed by a few is unbecoming of tolerant and diverse communities. We wish and hope that local and global communities show sensitivity in their actions as we collectively cope with what has happened and search for long-lasting solutions to a peaceful world.

Baba Amte joins the Ichampally Dam struggle

"It is Ill-Health Of Mrs Amte and Struggle Against Inchampalli Dam That ;
NBA Press Release - September 7

'Amte misguiding locals on Ichampally dam' ;
Times of India - September 10

WCD Debate

WCD report -- response to a misreading by Prof S. Parasuraman ;
The Hindu - September 11

Experts for clearance to mega projects after environmental impact studies ;
The Hindu - September 5

Other News and Articles

Kirloskar Bros bags new orders worth Rs 519cr ;
Economic Times - September 14

A little bit of India on the banks of the Yangtze ;
Indian Express - September 7

Nature comes to rescue to reverse salinity ingress ;
Times of India - September 7