Narmada Samachar: 5 February 2001


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Earthquakes and Dams

Expert foresees threat to Koyna ; Indian Express - Feb 3, 2001
The killer quake in Gujarat should send a note of caution to the
governments of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra about
a possible breach of the Koyna dam which has been developing cracks
due to a string of tremors since 1967, according to noted environmentalist
T Shivaji Rao.
Prof Rao said Koyna was subjected to reservoir-induced seismicity
and the recent tremors caused serious cracks in excess of the limits.
Due to lack of adequate knowlede on seismic potential of the pertinent
locations, most of the dams in the country were under-designed, and
``even Sardar Sarovar project is no exception.''
Impact of quake-related damage to dam areas worries activists ; Times of India - Feb 2, 2001
After Shock ; Letters to the Editor; Times of India - Jan 31, 2001
Lessons from Bhuj ; Letters to the Editor; The Hindu - Jan 30, 2001

More reactions to President Narayanan's Republic Day speech

A presidential intervention ; Frontline - Volume 18 - Issue 03, Feb. 03 - 16, 2001
Bangaru blasts President speech ; The Telegraph - Jan 31, 2001
Laxman criticises President's comments ; Times of India - Jan 30, 2001
Unequal reaction ; Economic Times - Jan 29, 2001

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NBA Press Releases

Mahila Sammelan Appeals to Help the Earthquake Victims;
Women of Narmada Valley Vow to Save the Sacred River;
Baba Amte reiterates Commitment to fight Destruction;
NBA Press Release - Jan 31, 2001

Press Clippings

Responses to "Scimitars in the Sun" ; Letters to the Editor; Frontline - Volume 18 - Issue 03, Feb. 03 - 16, 2001
Govt to tap 150,000 mw hydro power generation ; Times of India - Feb 2, 2001
In order to tap the 150,000 mw hydro
power potential of the country, the government has
asked the Central Electricity Authority to prepare a
preliminary survey. 

"CEA is likely to submit the preliminary survey report in
the next four months and based on that we would
invite the international community to explore the
possibility of generating power using the hydel
sources," Union power minister Suresh Prabhu said
while addressing the conference on water resources
Power regulator to assess hydel projects viability ; Times of India - Feb 2, 2001
US group quits project to construct Indian Dam ; Financial Times - Dec 16, 2000

Book Release Announcement: Dam vs Drinking Water Exploring the Narmada Judgment, by L.C.Jain

Dam vs Drinking Water, by L.C.Jain ;
In the first ever in-depth critique of the Supreme Court verdict on
Sardar Sarovar (Narmada) case, L C Jain methodically explains the flaws
in the judgement which has been described by many as the worst ever in
the history of the apex court. Using his wide experience and with
immaculate precision he dismantles the arguments set forth in the
judgement and exposes the real issues which are still left unanswered.
This is essential reading for all interested in knowing the truth, which
remains clouded behind the heated controversy over the Narmada debate.

LC Jain: Economist, ex-member of Central Planning Commission and planning
boards of states, member of Five-member committee appointed by the
Central Government to review the Sardar Sarovar Project in 1993, Vice
Chairman of the World Commission on Dams.
Size: 8.5" x 5.5"
Pages: 136
Binding: Paperback
Price: Rs 75.00 / $7

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