Narmada Samachar: 8 October 2001


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Victory at Mumbai

Press Releases

Update of Mumbai action between September 11th - 27th ;

Maharashtra govt. Agrees for verification of resettlement claims with NBA
participation; Adopts 'no resettlement-no increase in dam height' position
NBA Press Release - September 27

Maharashtra Govt. accepts slips; Talks of verification of oustees, linkage
with construction of dam; NBA needs more explanation, decision on 27th
NBA Press Release - September 26

Maharashtra Govt. adamant on not conceding land rights to tribals
Ninth day of indefinite fast: Activists weak but resolute:
Delegation refuses to leave Secretariat
NBA Press Release - September 25

There are some other press releases not included here that document the progress of the fast and the insensitivity of the Maharashtra Government with regards to the rights of the adivasis. You can read these press releases by visiting the Press Releases page.

Press Clippings

Medha Patkar ends fast ;
The Hindu - September 29

Medha Patkar to await clarifications ;
The Hindu - September 27

Maharashtra offer to Patkar ;
The Hindu - September 26

State's responsibility ;
Letters to the Editor in response to the previous clipping; The Hindu - October 4

Other NBA press releases

Attacks on the NBA

Many Injured In Police Lathi-charge at Chotta Badada in Nimad;
One girl hospitalized: People Resolute
NBA Press Release - September 29

Representatives of Indian Financial institutions evade discussion;
S.Kumars goons brutally assault two NBA activists;
"No review of financing without participation of dam affected people"
NBA Press Release - September 29

Narmada Yuva Shakti

Massive Youth rally on Gandhi Jayanti at Mandleshwar;
Youth organization "Narmada Yuva Shakti" formed;
Resolve to save our country's freedom
NBA Press Release - October 2

Other News

Ground realities in the Narmada Valley ;
L S Aravinda; Economic and Political Weekly - August 25 - 31, 2001

How much do people know the facts ;
Arun Ghosh; Mainstream - September 23

Blackout blame on Medha ;
The Telegraph - September 29