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Statement by the NBA on the action at the Millenium Wheel, London (27 Oct 1999)

The Narmada Bachao Andolan (Save the Narmada Movement) expresses its thanks for the amazing, bold and innovative action by the Basque environmentalists from the group Solidarios con Itoitz and activists from Narmada UK. This action is even more important as it was undertaken by the activists at great personal risk, even to the extent of risk to their lives. The NBA believes that it is this commitment - which does not hesitate even to put one's own life to risk - exemplified by this action, it is this commitment by activists all over the world, which gives great hope of stopping the unsustainable, unjust and environmentally destructive paradigm of development that seems to be the hall mark of the capitalist system, which is taking the world towards a certain disaster.

The NBA expresses its solidarity to the struggle of the Basque people, in particular the struggle against the Itoitz reservoir (in the Basque Country).

The NBA believes that such struggles are not isolated events in separate countries, but are a part of the larger global struggle - a common struggle in which we are all participating as part of humanity. Such struggles are struggles for human rights, for justice and for dignity and do not know or recognise the artificial boundaries that we call countries.

The world may call such activists as "extremists" - as many a time the NBA is referred to in India - but we believe that in a world controlled and run by greed and hunger for power, if it needs extreme actions to remind us of the basic values on which society should be built, so be it. If expressions of sanity in an insane world, demands for justice in an unjust world are seen as extremism, so be it.

Shripad Dharmadhikary,