Narmada Solidarity Forum
19 October 2000

Arrest of peaceful protestors against the Supreme Court verdict on Narmada.

Around 200 people under the banner of Narmada Solidarity Forum, Bangalore came together, to protest against the Supreme Court verdict in the Sardar Sarovar Project which has been most unjustified and anti-people. The judgment, which has given a GO-AHEAD to the SSP has betrayed the Rights and Livelihood of the Adivasis and peasant communities of the Narmada Valley and their peoples movement Narmada Bachao Andolan.

The protest march started from the Mahatma Gandhi Statue, M.G. Road and peacefully marched down M.G. Road towards Brigade Road. The protestors students, development workers, teachers, activists from several struggle groups in Karnataka, questioned the Supreme Court verdict with slogans, songs, posters, banners and reaching out to all from the civil society about the unjustified verdict which has not taken in to consideration basic issues of displacement, rehabilitation, environmental clearance, cost-benefit.

Peaceful protestors were stopped at several places but we moved ahead. The protestors had a sit-in for brief periods in the major crossroads to communicate to the public. 26 women and 35 men were forcibly arrested. There were no women police present on the scene.

We were taken to the Wilson garden Police station at around 7.30 p.m., on enquiring, we were given arbitrary answers that the protestors created a law and order problem. We were charged with sections 143, 341, 506 IPC. After constant arguments for almost three hours we were released on a personal bond.

Narmada Solidarity Forum, Bangalore condemns the arrest of peaceful protestors. We are determined and fully support the Narmada peoples struggle against the destructive Sardar Sarovar Project and the unjust verdict of the Supreme Court. We appeal to all like-minded persons and organizations to speak-up against the injustice done by the Supreme Court.

On behalf of the Narmada Solidarity Forum,

Jayaram, Shiv and others, Dalit and Mahila Chaluvali
Karnataka Vimochana Ranga
National Alliance for Peoples Movement, Karnataka.
Jagdish, Bensonand others Samvada
Usha, P.E.S College.
Lawrence, Arvind, Srimoy, Gita, Naveen and others National Law School of India University
Kamaan and others Bangalore University
Dhivya and Supriya, Meljol
Gita Menon and others, Stree Jagruti Samiti
Mary Makaloodaya
Sonia, Panger and others, SCMI
Students from St.Anthonys Friary
V.V. Puram Law College.
Neju, Vimukti
Students of Raman Research Institute
Sister.Celia and others Domestic Workers Union
And several others.