19 October 2000

Dear Friends,

We the members of Hyderabad Central University based student organisation University Discussion Forum express our solidarity to the Andolan in the face of unjust judjement by the Supreme Court of India. We stand by the movement and offer our support to movement in form of creating the dsicussion and debate through posters, pamphlets etc. Our member Himanshu Upadhyaya has observed the way state government manouvered the media this summer when they used the water shortage arising from their improper water management to force the opinion among people against Narmada Bachao Andolan. The state government was quite blind towards the local level efforts of rain water harvesting. During Himanshu's visit to Dhoraji he came across instances where villages remained without a supply of water through tanker on 25th of May. The reason was simple. The state had sent special water train carrying Narmada water to Rajkot and called all tankers to turn up to receive Narmada water. Such farcical atttempts of forcing on the people of Gujarat the state designed myth of SSP being the lifeline of Gujarat are unjustified.

To join our voice with Aniruddha Vaidya, we find it hard to digest that the state which indulges in such jugglery will take care of the human coast behind the project.


Himanshu and friends,
University Discussion Forum,
Hyderabad Central University