NAPM, Madurai
23rd October 2000


National Alliance of People's Movements, Madurai, held a support struggle on 23.10.2000 in the morning near Anna Bus stand to condemn the murder of justice in the Supreme Court Judgement of 18.10.2000, regarding the SSP. The Struggle was attended by about 200 people representing slum dwellers, workers in unorganised sector, small peasants, women, environmentalists, lawyers and a large number of students and intellectuals. About 20 speakers from different walks of life gave their perspective on the Narmada Struggle, the judgement and the situation of people's movements in today's situation.

All the speakers condemned the murder of justice and the cynicism of the corrupted ruling classes denying the right to life and livelihood to lakhs of Adivasis and other small peasants.

Local struggles like slum eviction, airport extension, ringroad were also highlighted. Some speakers pointed out the general onslaught on agriculture under globalisation.

  • Many speakers called on the President of India to use his Constitutional power to intervene and stay the judgement.
  • Legal voices raised the demand to review the judgement in front of a full bench of five judges out of whom one should be an Adivasi. The demand for a Permanent Resettlement Act was also raised.
  • All concurred with the minority judgement of Justice Barucha to stop construction, as environmental clearance has not been obtained.
  • Others pointed out that Narmada Award is violated as the State of Madhya pradesh is on record that land for rehabilitation is not available.
  • All movements vowed to continue the struggle till justice prevails.


Pennurimai Iyakkam.
Construction Workers Panchayat Union.
Tamilnadu Manual Workers Union.
Usilai Taluk Small Peasants Organisation.
Unorganised Labourers Coordination.
SOCO Trust.
Students for Secularism.
Arasaradi Human rights forum.
Labour Unions Coordination Centre.
Antenna Trust.
Federation of Dalit Movements (FEDAL).
Dalit Panthers Iyakkam Women's Front.
Mattru vivasayihal Sangham.(Alternative Agriculturalists)
Elavattam (Youth circle).
Madurai Environment Movement.