News clippings after the Supreme Court Judgement

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This page contains newsclippings between October 18, 2000 and November 30, 2000 that pertain to the Supreme Court judgement, release of the WCD report and related SSP news.

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November 30, 2000

The verdict and after; Down to Earth, Vol 9, No. 13
SC judgment biased, says Medha; Times of India
Experts to study latest WCD report; Asian Age Online

November 29, 2000

Medha Patkar debunks big-dams idea; The Times of India
This is no banana split; Ingrid Albuquerque; The Times of India
Report condemns dams' environmental impact Green Left Weekly, Issue #430 November 29, 2000
Use water judiciously, Medha to urbanites; Asian Age

November 28, 2000

A message for the judges; Kalpana Sharma; Opinion; The Hindu
'A big dam isn't a cement wall on river'; The Times of India

November 27, 2000

Relief and rehabilitation for Narmada people yet to be addressed;Deccan Herald
Narmada Andolan's success lies in changing views on dams;The Hindu
Self-Contradictions; Letters to the editor;The Hindu
Lie of the Land; Letters to the Editor; Outlook; Issue dated 4th December

November 26, 2000

NBA wants Centre to consider global body report;Times of India
Minister writes to Doordarshan about criticism of SC by Medha ;Times of India
Narmada dam fears allayed;Economic Times
Emerging reforms in water sector;Deccan Herald
Judgment and after; Anand Patwardan; Opinion; The Hindu
The Arun Shourie of the left; Ramachandra Guha; Opinion; The Hindu
    Reason and Passions; Letters to the Editor; The Hindu; Dec 4
    Arun Shourie of the Left; Letters to the Editor; The Hindu; Dec 17
    Perils of Extremism; Ramachandra Guha; The Hindu; Dec 17
Towards a fair exchange;The Hindu
Accept WCD report: NBA;The Hindu

November 25, 2000

Narmada water by Feb 15, assures Vyas; Indian Express
Bhavnagar, Amreli to get Narmada waters by February; Times of India
The President as a moral authority; Deccan Herald
Narmada dam height wont exceed 90 metres; Hindustan Times
Waiting for Narmada waters: Saurashtra's farmers pin their hopes on Sardar Sarovar; NDTV
Narmada; Letters to the Editor; Frontline; Volume 17 - Issue 24, Nov. 25 - Dec. 08, 2000

November 24, 2000

Displacement is the issue, but might is right; Opinion; Gargi Parsai; The Hindu
SC records statements on Narmada level;The Hindu
Govt to promote drip & sprinkle irrigation;Times of India
Workshop on Narmada;Times of India
Battling for the same turf: Industry may consume Narmada waters meant for drought-hit areas; NDTV

November 23, 2000

Citizens' convention opposes Narmada verdict ;Times of India
Disastrous super dams;Deccan Herald
Two new water bores drilled near Jetalsar;Times of India
Sardar Sarovar Project: Random rehabilitation for the ousted proves unsatisfactory; NDTV

November 22, 2000

The NBA, the court and the SSP;A.Vaidyanathan; Opinion; The Hindu
    Response to Nov 22nd article : Self-Contradictions; Letters to the editor;The Hindu
Gujarat faces drought, Vidarbha hopes for relief;Indian Express
Global panel says large dams are economically wasteful;Deccan Herald
Sardar Sarovar: Not all is quiet in the Narmada Valley as dam threatens livelihood of residents ; NDTV

November 21, 2000

Water Projects; Letters to the editor ; Times of India
MP govt puts spanner in Sardar Sarovar works again; Times of India
Watered Down; Opinion; Vijay Kumar Nagaraj; The Hindustan Times
Sardar Sarovar dam will rise to the sinking of irreplaceable cultural heritages; NDTV

November 20, 2000

The art of spinning: How Uncle Sam turns Indian gold into straw;
Patriots at Work; Dilip D'Souza;
NBA awaits President's move on SSP; Times of India
More output; Letters to the Editor; Hindustan Times
World Commission on Dams report helps boost fight against Sardar Sarovar Project; NDTV

November 19, 2000

'The law is an ass'; Bittu Sahgal; Opinion; Deccan Herald
The trickle-down effect; Indian Express
Managing our water; Gurcharan Das; Opinion; The Times of India
    Managing our Water; Letters to the Editor
Sardar Sarovar: The debate continues; Letters to the editor; Hindustan Times

November 18, 2000

Report on dams boosts Narmada project; The Times of India
80 m displaced by dams worldwide: WCD; The Economic Times
World report on dams boosts Narmada project; The Economic Times
Water walls damned by report; The Hindustan Times

November 17, 2000

Guidelines for future dams; The Hindu
The unacceptable cost of big dams; The Guardian
A Reporter's Diary; Nandini Oza; Opinion; Asian Age
World Commission on Dams report strengthens NBA objectives; NDTV, November 17, 2000
The unacceptable cost of big dams; The Guardian

November 16, 2000

Dam-o-cracy; Anand Vivek Taneja;
Guidelines urged on dams ;Financial Times
Dam projects damned ;Financial Times
Human cost of dams 'too high'; BBC Online
NBA team meets Narayanan; Rediff on the Net
Dams and damnation; Financial Times
NBA seeks Narayanan's attention on SSP judgment; The Times of India
Narmada: A history of controversy; BBC Online
All dammed up; Letters to the Editor; The Telegraph
Report Criticizes World's Dams; Washington Post

November 15, 2000

You've got a verdict; Down to Earth, Vol 9, No. 12
Damn not the oustees; Down to Earth, Vol 9, No. 12
NBA activists petition President to stop work on Narmada Dam; NDTV, November 15, 2000

November 14, 2000

Foreign Funding for NGOs Under Review ;
WCD report damns Indian big dams;
SC verdict and after: The future of the Narmada agitation;
Staying on Course:The Case for Large Storage Dams; Opinion; A.D Mohile;Times of India
    Water Projects; Letters to the editor ; Times of India
When Medha met Wolfensohn;Times of India
World Bank president meets Narmada protestors;
Verdict criticism isolates NBA activists in Delhi;Economic Times
Dam activists confront World Bank president; The Independent
Advani welcomes SC`s Sarovar dam decision;Deccan Herald
Medha takes protest to Delhi;Deccan Herald
Narmada activists face barricades;The Hindu
Tribunal hearing on Sardar Sarovar Project today;The Hindu
Not correct; Letters to the editor Hindustan Times

November 13, 2000

Govt to raise Rs 5000 cr for Sardar Sarovar;Times of India
Dhoraji may get drinking water by train ;Times of India
Gujarat to raise 5,000-cr fund for SSP ;The Hindu
Report attacks big dam projects ;Financial Times

November 12, 2000

Height of Contention: A Dammed model of Development; R.K.Pachauri, Opinion; Times of India
Troubled waters; Features: Rajni Bakshi; The Hindu
From Narmada Valley with anger; The Hindu
Medha, Roy counter allegations; Hindustan times
Come to the point; Letters to the Editor; The Week; Issue dated 19th November
The Fiction of Truth; Letters to the Editor; Outlook; Issue dated 20th November
    Lie of the Land; Letters to the Editor; Outlook; Issue dated 4th December

November 11, 2000

NBA appeals to President for protection of project-affected people;
Mockery of Modern India;
Lifting prohibition for Narmada's sake; Times of India
Jamnagar in grip of water crisis; Times of India

November 10, 2000

Sardar Sarovar Dam: Going beyond the Narmada Valley; Frontline: Volume 17 - Issue 23, Nov. 11-24, 2000
Three cheers for the losing legion; Indian Express
Trains, ships may be used to bring water for parched Saurashtra; Indian Express
Narmada issue to go before governors' panel; Deccan Herald
Dam supporters questions 'true face' of NBA ;
Verdict goes unrecorded on dam website; Indian Express
Better sense; Letters to the editor;Hindustan Times
Narmada bulldozer: Lets not go into the details ; Editorial; The statesman

November 9, 2000

State Seeks $317 Million WB Loan for SSP-based Scheme; Asian Age
Rs.820 crore plan drawn to meet water demand; Asian Age

November 8, 2000

Breach of Faith; Alok Agarwal, Joe Athialy, NBA; Times of India
Gujarat Govt. postpones panchayat polls; Hindustan Times

November 7, 2000

CJI urged to prosecute Patkar, Roy; Deccan Herald
NBA is anti-dam: Singh; Deccan Herald
KRN urged to supercede SC ruling on Narmada dam; Deccan Herald
The SC & the Narmada case - Part I, Part II; Jai Sen; Opinion The Hindu
A human rights issue; Letters to the editor The Hindu
The supreme law; Letters to the editor Hindustan Times
Not environmentally friendly; Letters to the editor The Telegraph

November 6, 2000

The S.C. & the Narmada case - I; Jai Sen;Opinion The Hindu
Narmada villagers' march to Delhi;The Hindu
NBA 'call for justice' dharna in Delhi; Times of India
Battle lines drawn over funds to civic bodies; Times of India
The Dam of Tears; Letters to the Editor; Outlook, Issue dated November 13th
Not environment friendly; Letters to the editor The telegraph

November 5, 2000

There's hope after a dead end; Opinion, Medha Patkar Hindustan Times
Letter to Medha Patkar by Yogendra Yadav; Article translated from Dainik Bhaskar; October 28(?), 2000
Narmada waters to reach canals in four months: CM; Times of India
Over-enthusiastic ministers throw caution to the winds; Times of India
Confusion over the reasons for Kevadia chaos; Times of India
A row with Roy; Letters to the editor Times of India
Medha's anti-dam tirade could mean courting trouble; Times of India

November 4, 2000

A judgement of grave error; Ramaswamy R Iyer; Economic and Political Weekly, November 4-10, 2000
    Rights of Oustees Letters to the Editor; Economic and Political Weekly, Nov 18-24, 2000
    Narmada Judgment Ramaswamy R Iyer, Letters to the Editor; Economic and Political Weekly, Dec 2-8, 2000
Beyond Economist's Framework; Ravi Kuchimanchi & Aravinda Pillalamarri; Letters to the Editor; Economic and Political Weekley
Water scarcity creates problem in Gujarat; Economic Times
It is a fight to the finish, says Medha Patkar ;Gargi Parsai, Opinion; The Hindu
Use your powers and act, Mr President; Hindustan Times
Unsettling dispute; Letters to the editor Hindustan Times
SSP power plant to arrive soon; Asian Age
Narmada based water supply plan finalised; Asian Age
Up Close and Personal-Medha Patkar; Times of India
NBA denies hand in violence; Times of India
Up Close and Personal-Medha Patkar; Times of India
Gujarat Govt. facing financial crunch; Deccan Herald
Monitoring of Sardar Sarovar Resettlees: A Further Critique ; Judith Whitehead; Economic and Political Weekly, November 4-10, 2000
        Statistical Concoctions and Everyday Lives; Judith Whitehead; July 4th 1999, EPW
        Selectivity and Bias: Recent Reporting on the SSP; D.C.Sah; December 18th 1999, EPW

November 3, 2000

Unquiet flows the Narmada;Ramachandra Guha, Opinion; The Telegraph
The Narmada decision; Rajeev Dhavan, Opinion; The Hindu
Indian Dam will flood villages, pilgrimate sites; The Travel Channel
God of big dams; Letters to the Editor; Times of India
State rejoices over SC verdict on dam; Kutch unhappy; Indian Express
Dam and be damned; Dr.Mnirul Q.Mirza, Opinion; Daily Star (Bangladesh National Daily)
Saurashtrians sore over treatment meted out at dam;Times of India
NBA denies hand in violence; Times of India
Chaos continues at SSP site; Asian Age
Pandya admits administartion collapse at site ; Asian Age
State draws a plan to meet water demand; Asian Age
NBA activists slam Advani's comments; Hindustan Times

November 2, 2000

Social struggles & human rights ; Neera Chandoke; Opinion; The Hindu
For whom the bell tolls; Devaki Jain; Opinion; The Hindu
Verdict that flummoxes; Manoj Mitta; Opinion; Indian Express
The Dam... and its Damned Politics; Sheela Bhatt; Rediff on the Net
Patel sorry for damn mix-up; The Telegraph
Gujarat Minister tenders apology to public for hardships during rally; Indian Express
No Damning Evidence ; Letters to the Editor ; Times of India
Amte condemns SC verdict on dam project ;Times of India
Victory celebrations may turn out a Waterloo for BJP; Hindustan Times

November 1, 2000

Forgotten and damnedPamela Philipose; Opinion; Indian Express
How to make a fair deal every time ; Santanu Mitra; Opinion; The Telegraph
Narmada: The Chicken and Egg Syndrome; Amrish Herdenia; Opinion; Deccan Herald
People cheer as work on Narmada dam resumes; The Hindu
Minister injured in dam site violence; The Hindu
Advani tribute in concrete to iron man ; The Telegraph
Construction of India's largest dam resumes after court ruling; CNN.Com
Mammoth crowd welcome Sardar Sarovar Project; Deccan Herald
Narmada dam construction resumes; Deccan Herald
World Bank not to resume Narmada dam funding; Rediff on the Net
Gujarat ministers at receiving end; Times of India
3,700 buses plied by GSRTC; Times of India
SSP function: Public road transport paralysed in state ; Times of India
Enthusiastic participation at the dam site ; Times of India
Massive celebration to mark beginning of work on the SSP;Times of India
Advani says dam verdict was event of the year ; Times of India
Patkar remarks amount to court contempt: Rana ; Times of India
Violence mars Gujarat govt's Narmada bash; Times of India
Iron Man's golden dream gets realised ; Asian Age
Violent mob sets 9 cars on fire; Asian Age
Narmada dam work starts, ministers hurt ; Asian Age
Violence flares as India resumes dam construction; LA Times
Anti-dam activists attack ministers, burn cars; Hindustan Times
Supreme Court gives Narmada dam go-ahead; Green Left Weekly;
Iron man's golden dream gets realised;;

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