News clippings after the Supreme Court Judgement

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Current News Coverage

October 31, 2000

Advani triggers reconstruction work on Sardar Sarovar;
NBA shocked over Advani's statement;
Work on dam from today; The Hindu
Early hearing not possible:SC; The Hindu
BJP Narmada show turns out to be a fiasco; Rediff on the Net
Angry crowds manhandle Gujarat ministers, damage their cars; Rediff on the Net
NBA to continue with struggle; Deccan Herald
Work on Sardar Sarovar dam to begin today; Deccan Herald
SC says no to early hearing of NBA case; Deccan Herald
All set for Narmada Dam reconstruction work to begin today; Indian Express
Passengers left in the lurch as GSRTC cancels trips; Indian Express
BJP tries to mobilize crowds for Kevadia function; Indian Express
Free outing likely to be the crowd puller at Kevadia; Indian Express
Advani to inaugurate work on Sardar Sarovar tomorrow; Times of India
NBA to move SC again; Times of India
Narmada dam work to resume with big bang today; Times of India
Life to Lifeline: SSP work to resume today; Asian Age
Advani to inaugurate dam work; Asian Age
NBA seeks clarification from Court; Asian Age
The Narmada dam starts to rise again; India Today
A damned mindset; Letters to the Editor; Hindustan Times
Holiday not yet over for ministers, officials;;

October 30, 2000

Of tears and water; Outlook; Issue dated 30th October
    The Dam of Tears; Letters to the Editor; Outlook, Issue dated November 13th
Narmada: A Human Rights Issue; Rajinder Sachar, Opinion; The Hindu
    A human rights issue; Letters to the editor The Hindu
Medha ends fast; The Hindu
People's Narmada; Letters to the Editor; The Telegraph
Need to go slow; Letters to the Editor; The Hindu
SC ruling on Narmada raises some questions; Letters to the Editor; Deccan Herald
Narmada dam work to resume on Tuesday; Rediff on the Net
NBA to file review petition in SC: Patkar; Times of India
Vyas must quit if allegation is wrong, says NBA; Times of India
Dam and be damned; Letters to the Editor; Times of India
BJP youth wing sends 138-metre card to PM ; Times of India
Despite the dam busters; India Today

October 29, 2000

Narmada's for real; Letters to the Editor; Times of India
Interviews with Medha Patkar and Jay Narayan Vyas; The Week; Issue dated 5th November
    Come to the point; Letters to the Editor; The Week; Issue dated 19th November
Medha Patkar ends fast; India Abroad
NBA to file review petition against SC ruling: Patkar; Rediff on the Net
We can die but not the movement; Deccan Herald
Development and displacement; Deccan Herald

October 28, 2000

Missed Opportunity; Editorial; Economic and Political Weekly, Oct 28 - Nov 3, 2000
Narmada Valley: Planting Trees, Uprooting People;
Tracey Brieger, Ali Sauer; Economic and Political Weekly, Oct 28 - Nov 3, 2000
Drowned Out; Frontline; Volume 17 - Issue 22, Oct. 28 - Nov. 10, 2000
    Narmada; Letters to the Editor; Frontline; Volume 17 - Issue 24, Nov. 25 - Dec. 08, 2000
The Trouble Course; Frontline; Volume 17 - Issue 22, Oct. 28 - Nov. 10, 2000
Dams: Big or Small?; Anil Agarwal; The Hindu
Victims of 'development'; Letters to the Editor; The Hindu
Re-construction to begin on October 31; The Hindu
Digvijay Singh must explain, says Arundhati Roy; The Hindu
The Night Before Diwali; Rediff on the Net
Gujarat to shell out 1 cr. for dam function; Deccan Herald
Bhaskarpura project may end water woes of Saurashtra; Indian Express
NBA must honour court verdict -- Gujarat CM; Indian Express
BJP Youth Wing hails PM on Narmada; Times of India
Massive celebration to mark start of work on SSP; Times of India
Patkar's remarks mocked SC verdict: Rana ; Times of India
BJP youth wing sends 138-metre card to PM ; Times of India
Ministers extend new year's greetings ; Times of India
Sardar Sarovar to be completed in 2 years: Keshubhai; Times of India
Medha continues fast for third day; Times of India

October 27, 2000

The judiciary must take up cudgels on behalf of India's poorest; Rediff on the Net
Sardar Sarovar to be completed in two years: Keshubhai; Rediff on the Net
Medha holds fast, Roy joins in; 27th October, 2000
Passions run high at Narmada dam protest; India West
Apex Court Okays Narmada Dam; India West
Patkar's fast enters second day; Indian Express
Governor, CM convey Diwali greetings; Times of India
Advani to unveil statue of Sardar Patel on Oct 31; Times of India
Medha Patkar's fast enters second day; Times of India
The Narmada Fiasco; Editorial;
    Response by Sanjay Sangvai, Narmada Bachao Andolan

October 26, 2000

Medha on fast; The Hindu
Narmada dam verdict; Letters to the Editor; The Hindu
Medha final struggle with black Diwali; 26th October, 2000
The People vs the God of Big Dams; Arundhati Roy; Times of India
    God of big dams; Letters to the Editor; Times of India
3,800 villages may face drought: GWSB; Times of India
State Govt. gear up for Lokutsav; Times of India
SSP branch canals to be complete in 5 years; Times of India
Verdict on Narmada dam evokes sharp reactions; Times of India
Medha begins fast; Times of India
Narmada verdict a boon for Gujarat cement firms; Economic Times
RINL bar sales jump 96% in Sep; Economic Times

October 25, 2000

Cause for Dismay?; Harsh Sethi; Opinion The Hindu
    Need to go slow; Letters to the Editor; The Hindu
The karma of dams; Shekhar Singh; Member, Narmada Control Authority Sub-Group on the Environment; Indian Express
The Supreme Court of India and the Narmada Valley; Justin Podur; Znet Daily Commentaries
The Relief Monitor; Indian Express
Gujarat Minister demands CBI inquiry against NBA; Indian Express
Indian anti-dam activists begin fight against court order; Indian Express
Protest against India dam ruling; BBC Online
Advani to launch Narmada dam construction on Oct 31; Times of India
Vyas demands CBI probe into Medha Patkar's assets; Times of India
Medha Patkar to go on indefinite fast from today; Times of India
Gujarat, MP have no land for rehabilitation; Asian Age
NGO criticises NBA 'Suicide Squad' move to disrupt SSP; Asian Age

October 24, 2000

NBA rally passes off peacefully;
'All they gave us was false promises';
Medha Patkar to go on fast; The Hindu
Patkar fast from Oct 25; Indian Express
Money no hassle for Narmada: CM; Economic Times

October 23, 2000

Protest against controversial dam; BBC Online
An eyewitness account of Medha's magic;
The dharma of dams; Indian Express
The river runs through them; Indian Express
Arundhati questions SC verdict on dam; Times of India
NBA gears up to protest court verdict on Narmada; Asian Age
Arundhati questions SC verdict on Sardar Sarovar; Deccan Herald
Arundhati questions verdict on Narmada dam; Economic Times
Narmada verdict revives Patel's fortunes; Economic Times

October 22, 2000

"The Supreme Court decision has taken the light out of the lives of these villagers" ;
Affected families yet to be rehabilitated by State; Indian Express
Negative Impact; Economic Times
Tribals have to pay for big money projects: Mahasveta; Times of India
SSP to stand 138 m tall in 2 years; Asian Age
No panacea for drought-hit states; Deccan Herald
NBA to continue with struggle; Deccan Herald
Arundhati Roy furious at dam decision; The Independent

October 21, 2000

People be damned; Prashant Bhushan; Opinion; Hindustan Times
It has been a big blow to the people: Patkar; Thinkindia.Com
Verdict adds to SSP politicisation; Gargi Parsai, Opinion; The Hindu
Watershed Verdict; Editorial; Times of India
SSP work to start on Oct. 31; The Hindu
Will Narmada dam cause earthquakes?; Deccan Herald
Mumbaiites take SC ruling on Narmada dam in their stride; Indian Express
NBA to seek Presidential intervention; Indian Express
Narmada dam work to begin on Oct 31; Indian Express
Narmada judgement: AMC organizes 'Kumbh Mela';;
It's now war over the dam: Arundhati Roy; Economic Times
Supreme Court says dams can't be damned; Times of India
Work on raising Narmada dam height to begin soon; Times of India
Sardar Sarovar dam: Gujarat says it with crackers, sweets; Times of India
SC ruling on dam benefits two Rajasthan Distt; Times of India
SSP will be ready two years from now: Vyas; Times of India
R&R, not dam-building, to be real test; Times of India
State activists shocked at Narmada verdict; Times of India
Resettling dam oustees will be a tall order; Times of India
Narmada ruling benfits two Rajasthan districts; Times of India
Medha Patkar vows to form suicide squads; Hindustan Times
Roy leads critics after court ruling; Asian Age

October 20, 2000

'There is not enough arable land for PAP, so I prefer to give cash compensation'; Interview with Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister, Digvijay Singh;
'SC failed to look into the environmental problem'; Interview with R.Ramaswamy Iyer, Former Water Secretary;
Decks cleared?; Editorial; Deccan Herald
Proceeding with Caution; Editorial; The Hindu
    Victims of 'development'; Letters to the Editor; The Hindu
Why Arundhati is laughing; 20th October, 2000
Protest against SC ruling on Narmada issue; Deccan Herald
Keshubhai reviews Narmada Project; Deccan Herald
'We never had to give up our homes so a dam could be built'; Rediff on the Net
Massive rally condemns Narmada verdict; Rediff on the Net
The wait's worth it, Narmada engineer will get to see his dam; Indian Express
Supreme Court verdict on Narmada draws flak from activists; Indian Express
No longer damned; Editorial; Economic Times
Raising the dam; Editorial; Hindustan Times
Gujaratis go mad over Narmada decision; Asian Age
Court clears Narmada Dam Building to 90 metres; Asian Age
Activists decry decision to build big India dam; San Jose Mercury News

October 19, 2000

The battle returns to the valley;
Narmada: Chronology of events;
SC verdict provokes a dam burst of argument;
Scrutinising the Supreme Court;
Supreme Court should have been more definite on rehabilitation;
Jubilant Patel leads the celebrations;
Dams are not polluting industries, says SC; Rediff on the Net
Gujarat BJP ecstatic over Narmada verdict; Rediff on the Net
'I am with the people whatever they decide'; Rediff on the Net
SC clears Narmada dam height up to 138 metres in stages; The Hindu
Medha Patkar disappointed; The Hindu
Shocking, say Arundhati; The Hindu
Celebration in Gujarat; The Hindu
BJP hails decision; The Hindu
A shot in the arm for the big dam lobby; The Hindu
SC allows construction of Sardar Sarovar dam; Deccan Herald
SC fills Narmada oustees' cup of woe; Economic Times
For Keshubhai, it?s arrival of Diwali a week in advance; Economic Times
SC clears Sardar Sarovar Project; Times of India
The struggle will continue, says Medha; Times of India
SC gives green signal to Sardar Sarovar; Times of India
Dam the Controversy; Editorial; Indian Express
Judgement day for Gujarat; Indian Express
A long way yet for Narmada waters; Indian Express
SC verdict on Narmada project anti-people -- Patkar; Indian Express
Village in dam's shadow fears the worst; Indian Express
After six years comes SC verdict -- Go ahead, build the Narmada dam; Indian Express
Gujarat govt elated, work on dam to begin at the earliest; Indian Express
Supreme Court clears Narmada Dam Project; Hindustan Times
Medha breaks down, says verdict anti-people; Hindustan Times
Shocking and disgraceful, says Arundhati; Hindustan Times
Gujarat vows to complete Project; Hindustan Times
India Court Ruling a Blow to Dam Protesters;
Threatened villagers lose fight to halt dam; The Independent
India dam project grows higher -- and hotter;
Controversial Indian dam approved; MSNBC
Verdict on Narmada dam shocking: Arundhati Roy; India Abroad

October 18, 2000

Go ahead for India dam project; BBC Online
'It is yet another step towards muffling the world of the poor'; interviews Arundhati Roy
'The dam could have averted Gujarat's worst drought'; interviews Jay Narayan Vyas
SC clears decks for SSP, bodyblow for NBA;
NBA losing support in Madhya Pradesh;
Dissent over the dam; Opinion; Parsa Venkateswara Rao Jr.;
SC clears decks for controversial Sardar Sarovar dam; Indian Express
SC clears decks for controversial Sardar Sarovar dam; Deccan Herald
SC orders resumption of work on Narmada dam ; Rediff on the Net
"I'll fight to the end" - an interview with Medha Patkar; Rediff on the Net
Defeat of democracy, says Arundhati Roy; Rediff on the Net
SC gives the go-ahead to Sardar Sarovar; Times of India
Supreme Court gives green signal to Sardar Sarovar Project; Hindustan Times
Sardar Sarovar dam construction to resume in four days; Hindustan Times
SC go ahead to Sardar Sarovar Project hailed; Hindustan Times
SC clears completion of Sardar Sarovar Dam; India Today
Indian Supreme Court clears construction of massive dam;
Supreme Court clears dam on Narmada river; India Abroad
India Court Ruling a Blow to Dam Protesters Environment News Service