"Mashal Julus": Torch Vigil on the night of 30th October

Resolve to save the Narmada Valley

The government of Gujarat has announced commencement of construction of Sardar Sarovar dam as a result of order written by Jst. Kirpal and signed by Jst. Anand on the 31st October in presence of Home Minister, Lal Krishna Advani and concerned Chief Ministers, jubilating on the court verdict that 'sanctioned' eviction of thousands of people without ensuring their right to live with dignity. This is clear violation of the letter and spirit of the Tribunal Award and the Constitution itself as State of Madhya Pradesh has given on affidavit that there is no land to rehabilitate hundreds and thousands people affected by the dam.

But, people of the Narmada valley cannot accept such injustice meekly. Representative of people from the valley are in Bhopal since 25th October, observing symbolic fast on five days of Diwali. They will observe the eve of commencement of construction with a rally - a 'Mashal Julus', symbolising our commitment to save the flame of life in the valley. We appeal to you to express your solidarity with the Andolan, and the arduous struggle ahead, by holding a program Mashal Julus a march with candle / torch to uphold the truth and justice; to tell the world that you respect life above all and you are not party to the further devastation of the valley.

M. K. Sukumar
Joe Athialy

People from and around Bhopal can join us for the Public meeting followed by the 'Julus' at 5 pm at the place of the 'Dharna' (Polytechnic square).