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Some pictures from the Narmada Valley (July 1999)

Nimghavan : The village stands as it has always stood. Not a single house or even the school has moved. More than 50 villages like Nimghvan are facing the waters this monsoon, ready to lose everything to the Narmada

The 50+ villages to be affected this monsoon are nearly all adivasi (indigenous people). The farmers from Nimad, who will be affected only if the dam rises much higher, have come to the Satyagraha in solidarity with their tribal brothers and sisters. They are handling all the cooking for the Satyagraha.

Not only are people refusing to move, more people are coming to the satyagraha site - so the local people have all come together to build another hut - this was completed in a day.

Women marching along the banks, carrying the Andolan banner

Thanks to Aravinda Pillalamarri for providing the pictures