Himanshu Thakkar
53B, AD block, Shalimar Bagh
Delhi 110 088
Feb. 19, 2002


As you may be aware, on March 6, 2002, the Supreme Court bench of Justice G.B. Pattanaik and Justice R.P. Sethi are to pronounce judgement in a contempt case against Arundhati Roy. We are taking the liberty of sending you two notes in this connection. The first one, titled “On March 6th 2002 Arundhati Roy & Criminal Contempt of the Supreme Court of India” explains the sequence of events. The second one by Prashant Bhushan is titled COURTS, CONTEMPT & A CLIMATE THAT DEMANDS ACCOUNTABILITY.

As these notes explain, we believe this case has enormous significance for the people in media, movements, public life and in general for the democracy. We are hoping that you would take appropriate actions in this regard. We feel that we all need to try our best to see that the issue is highlighted in media and public forums in general urgently.

Some of the actions we think can be taken up include:

  • Dissemination of the information widely.
  • Initiate discussions on related issues among groups and through internet.
  • Take up other public actions you may deem fit.

Let us know if you have questions. Also keep in touch about any further developments.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Best wishes,

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